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On 04.02.2021, a case was registered about the missing of a girl namely “A”,Age-16 Years vide FIR No 54/2021 U/s 363 IPC and a DD Entry was lodged vide No 86A about the missing of another girl namely “B” age 19 yrs. Both girls are residents of Bindapur and they are cousin sisters. Both the girls left the house together without informing their parents. The investigation of the case was entrusted to SI Lal Bahadur.

IOSI Lal Bahadur put the phones of the girls under surveillance and CDR of their mobiles was requested. The secret information system was also built up. The secret informant gave clue about the location of the missing girls. He was informed that the missing girls can be traced near Chand Khera near the Sabarmatiarea, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The local police of PS Chandkhera, Ahmedabad, Gujarat was contacted and the expected location was given to them. The local police ofPS Chand Kehra, Gujarat detected the girls at the same location which was told to them. The local police lent full support and the girls were successfully traced. After tracing the girls the local police of Gujarat brought them to Delhi by air. The medical examination of both the girls was got conducted. Necessary statements were recorded in the presence of competent authority. There was no foul play found in the missing of both girls. Both the girls were handed overto their parents properly. Due to the prompt and wise action of SI Lal Bahadur,both the girls were traced within a short period.

There union of these girls with their families brought smiles on the faces of the girls,their families, and police personnel.

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