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Twenty (20) plasma donors who donated plasma through ‘Jeevan Rakshak’ initiative of Delhi Police for plasma donation were felicitated withe-Certificates of Appreciation during the sixth wellness webinar conducted on 7th May on “Awareness, Prevention And Coping Strategies For Covid-19″for police personnel in which around 500 participated.

On the Jeevan Rakshak initiative launched by Delhi Police on24 April to save critical patients requiring plasma for survival, 140 donorshave so far registered of which 60 are police personnel. From the 140 willing donors, 20 were found medically eligible to donate at this stage. Of the 20 who donated and received certificates, 13 are police personnel while 7 are public citizens.

The webinar was participated by a panel od medical professionals Dr. Hitesh Kumar Arya, MD (Internal Medicine), Senior SpecialistSt. Stephen’s Hospital, Dr. Kamlesh Singla, Medical Officer (Ayurveda), SDMC Polyclinic,Munrika and Dr. Ajit Kumar Singla, Addl. CP/Traffic, who also happens to be aqualified doctor by education.

The panelist doctors stressed upon the fact that the virulence and intensity of the current virus is severe than the previous. It is more contagious, virulent causing more deaths and affecting more young persons. All need to be self-disciplined in following the covid appropriate behavior to guard off the deadly virus. All the doctors emphasized on wearing of double mask and proper handling. Anyone showing any symptoms should be immediately isolated with medicine and diets as per doctors advice. The coughing, sneezing, unwell being coupled with fever should not be ignored at any cost. The infected personnel should take proper diet, remain hydrated, and do yoga and breathing exercise.

The panelist doctors focused on keeping positive thoughts too which play a vital role in our health. Unnecessary panic should be avoided as it causes stress which ultimately weakens immunity. They advised to take adequate sleep, do daily exercise and practice meditation on daily basis for astrong immunity and mentally fitness, have self confidence and strong willpower being a police personnel.

Nuzhat Hasan, Spl. CP/SPUWAC and Welfare moderated the discussion and briefed the police persinnel to make useof the Shahdara, Rohini and Civil Lines covid care centers where oxygen beds have been made available.. Devesh Chandra Shrivastva, Spl. CP/EOW coordinated the panel and interactions with personnel and answered to common queries.


The number of people in need of plasma far outnumbers those registering for donating and eligible to donate. DELHI POLICE appeals to citizens to come forward for plasma donation registering on Jeevan Rakshak and save lives of people in critical condition in the interest of humanity at this time of crisis.

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