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All DTC contractual employees to be paid enhanced wages & arrears by 1st November

All DTC contractual employees to be paid enhanced wages & arrears by 1st November

The Delhi Government has restored the minimum wages rate which were prevailing before the 4th August 2018, Vide Cabinet Decision No.2652 dated 18.10.2018.

The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) Management has given directions that the enhanced and restored wages will be paid to all the Contractual Drivers and Conductors by 1st of November 2018 along with their arrears from 4th August 2018 so that the workers can celebrate the Diwali festival properly.

DTC services are essential services as per the Notification No. Admn.(Misc.)/18/1129 dated 27.10.2018 vide which ESMA has been imposed in DTC. A few workers are still resorting to an illegal strike and are not reporting for duty which is violative of the ESMA orders and action can be taken against them under the relevant rules. Some of the striking employees are also resorting to violence against the employees willing to perform their duties.

Despite this, the out-shedding on Monday (29th of October 2018) was 89% and on Tuesday (30th October 2018), it was 94%. In the interest of the Corporation as well as in their own interest, the Management further appeals to the workers to report back for duty immediately.

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