December 3, 2022

Big Relief to Thalassaemics registered with Covid hospitals – LNH & GTB

Since Lok Nayak hospital and then GTB hospital were declared dedicated covid hospital, more than 400 Thalassemia patients registered with these hospitals were facing lot of hardship financially and physically also for quite some period. Patients and attendant had to visit other hospitals for blood transfusions and drugs therapy. Some times they were referred from one to another hospital for arranging blood due to shortage of blood in the absence of adequate blood donations during this Covid crisis. It is worth mentioning that Thalassemia major patients require repeated blood transfusions every 2 to 4 wks for their survival.

We had initially made arrangements in other Thalassemia managing hospitals in Delhi but patients were finding lot of difficulties in travelling long distances from one to another hospital and patients were also finding problems in arranging blood. So Govt of Delhi issued instructions to shift GTB hospital Thalassemia branch to Delhi State cancer Institute and Lok nayak hospital Thalassemia branch to GB Pant hospital, said Dr S.K. Arora, Addl. Director Health with Govt of Delhi.

Now we have started services from Delhi State Cancer Institute for GTB hospital Thalassemia patients from Monday(29th June)and from GB Pant hospital for LNH patients from Tuesday ( 30th June), said Dr Arora

He further adds that due to shortage of blood patients are requested to bring blood donor also till the present crisis due to COVID-19 is over. We are also requesting all the hospitals to call small number of donors on daily basis. For the donations, hospitals can take help of registered NGOs and Rogi Kalyan samiti apart from other community Volunteers, said Arora

I find the opportunity to tell people that we should get our Thalassemia minor test done before marriage so that one Thalassemia minor doesn’t marry another Thalassemia minor which is the only Primary Preventive Strategy if we want our country to be free from Thalassemia major disease, practically untreatable disease, adds Arora

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