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An unknown dead body of a man was recovered in vill- Pochanpur, Dwarka. As police was inspecting the dead body, a lady reached the spot and identified the deceased as her husband- Sh Prakash Aggarwal R/o Hauz Kaji, New Delhi, Age-45 years. Hence case was registered on the statement of Smt Kanika Aggarwal W/o Prakash Aggarwal vide FIR No. 100/2022 U/S 302 IPC dated 18.02.2022 PS Sec-23 Dwarka. She suspected that the deceased’s friend could be behind the murder.

The recovery of a dead body in Dwarka with multiple gunshot injuries was an indication of clear murder. Operations Cell/Dwarka sprang into action immediately after recovery of the dead body under the supervision of Sh Vijay Singh, ACP/OPS/DWD. A team led by Insp Ramkishan, Insp Naveen Kumar started collecting every minute detail. Though the complainant suspected that friend of the deceased could be behind the murder, there was no initial evidence. Several CCTV cameras were checked and footage for several hours was analyzed. CDRs of all friends of the deceased, including the suspected person, were analyzed. The hard work yielded the results and technical evidence suggested a link of one Kamal Sharma, the friend of the deceased, to the murder but he had escaped to an unknown place. Several raids were conducted in Delhi and Haryana to trace the culprit. A close aid of kamal Sharma, who used to work on the same Mother Dairy outlet with Kamal Sharma was detained and interrogated at length. The tactic worked and he spilled the beans during sustained interrogation and disclosed that the deceased and Kamal Sharma had met in Palam on the evening of 17.02.22 to discuss their outstanding money dispute where an argument overpayment of dues escalated and later Kamal Sharma shot the deceased there itself to eliminate him. Then accused and Kamal Sharma picked up the dead body and wrapped it in a bag and then loaded it on Kamal’s Ford Figo Car for dumping it at a secluded place. They dumped the body in vill- Pochanpur which was later recovered by Police. Meanwhile, the wife of the deceased also reached the spot because she was searching for him based on google location of mobile history, as the deceased did not return home and no contact was established with him and identified the dead body. Hence a murder case was worked out within 8 hours. On the instance of the arrested accused, the Ford Figo car used to dispose of the dead body was recovered.
Raids are being conducted to trace and arrest the main accused Kamal Sharma.
It has been ascertained that the property was registered in the name of Prakash Aggarwal when both were good friends. Prakash took a loan of 1.45 crore on the property and both took half-half amount. But later Prakash stopped paying the loan installments and asked Kamal to contribute to the payments. This led to a dispute. Kamal decided to kill Prakash so that he is free to enjoy his part of the loan amount and so-called Prakash to meet on 17.02.2022 in Palam. After getting a suitable chance, he shot Prakash and dumped the dead body with the help of his servant cum friend Vishal in his own Ford Figo car. The accused was arrested u/s 302/201/34 IPC.

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