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Category Archives: जम्मू-कश्मीर

Mudasir Wani, Ab Rehman lone Visited Mela kheer Bhawani at Tikker


Mudabir Tantary KUPWARA, JUNE 7: BJP North Kashmir Incharge Mudasir wani, District President Kupwara Abdul Rehman lone and Constituency President Kupwara Zahoor Ahmad today visited Mela Kheer Bhawani Tikkar. They inspected the arrangements for celebration of annual Kheer Bhawani Mela. During the visit, they requested the District Administration to ensure foolproof arrangements for uninterrupted power and drinking water supplies, transport, ... Read More »

Candle March Against Killing of Mrs Rajni Bala


Mudabir Tantary Kupwara: India is a land of cultural and ethnic diversity flourishing together hand in hand, which is well known around the globe. However, at certain times, a bunch of people create circumstances owing to their actions which try to divide this unity in diversity and Kashmir has been the filthy playground for these terrorists organisation to hurt the ... Read More »

Chairperson of J&K Waqf Board Dr Darakhshan And Mudasir Wani visits Drugmullah Kupwara


Mudabir Tantary Kupwara Dr Darakhshan Andrabi And Mudasir Wani visits Shah Wali Sufi Shrine at Drugmullah Kupwara “People ready to donate for revival of spiritual shrines and we are restoring their faith in Waqf by significant transparency measures”: Dr Darakhshan Chairperson of J&K Waqf Board Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today visited Ziyarat Shah Wali (ra) at Kupwara and took stock of ... Read More »

Four drug peddlers arrested, narcotics seized


Mudabir Tantary Kupwara, May 21, 2022 Continuing its action against the menace of drugs peddling , Kupwara Police has arrested four notorious persons involved in drugs peddling in two different cases in the district. Acting on a specific information, a Police team led by Incharge Police Post Hatmulla arrested two drugs peddlers Bilal Ahmad Mir son of Abdul Gani Mir ... Read More »

हर ताल पर तालियों की गड़गड़ाहट, प्रख्यात तबला गुरु पं० शुभ महाराज पहुँचे खैरागढ़


खैरागढ़। इन्दिरा कला संगीत विश्वविद्यालय के अवनद्ध वाद्य विभाग, संगीत संकाय द्वारा ‘पारंपरिक तबला वादन का महत्व’ विषय पर दो दिवसीय कार्यशाला का आयोजन किया गया। इस कार्यशाला का मुख्य उद्देश्य विश्वविद्यालय के सभी विद्यार्थियों, शोधार्थियों को तबला वादन में परंपरा का महत्त्व, परंपरागत रचनाओं एवं शैलियों से अवगत कराना था। विद्यार्थीगण तबला विद्वान बनारस घराने के कलाकार पं० शुभ ... Read More »

PIB workshop highlights the role of developmental journalism; media fraternity hails efforts


Mudabir Tantary Kupwara, March 23: Aimed at highlighting the role of media to bring awareness among people about different government sponsored schemes and to inculcate a sense of developmental journalism, Press Information Bureau (PIB) Srinagar organized a one day Media Workshop on Wednesday at Conference Hall DC Office Kupwara. The workshop focussed on sensitization and capacity building of journalists from ... Read More »

उज्जैन में खैरागढ़ का मान बढ़ा, इंदिरा कला संगीत विश्वविद्यालय के नाट्य विभाग ने किया ‘ग्लोबल राजा’ का मंचन


खैरागढ़। इंदिरा कला संगीत विश्वविद्यालय खैरागढ़ में गत दिनों ‘रंगमंडल’ का गठन करते हुए जो अनूठा प्रयोग किया गया, उसकी चर्चा अब छत्तीसगढ़ के बाहर भी शुरू हो चुकी है। महाकाल की नगरी उज्जैन में खैरागढ़ विश्वविद्यालय के नाट्य विभाग ने प्रख्यात नाट्य निर्देशक डॉ. योगेंद्र चौबे के निर्देशन में नाटक ‘ग्लोबल राजा’ का शानदार मंचन किया है। नवगठित ‘रंगमंडल’ ... Read More »

1990- A blot on Kashmiri History, ready to sacrifice ourselves for erasing this stain and bring back the Pandith glory to UT: Mudasir Tantray and Mir Basharat


Kupwara, On 19th Jan 2022 in a joint synergistic call, AIPNP under the dynamism of Tantray Mudasir and Mir Basharat accompanied by District President Kupwara Ghulam Rasool Pir, senior leaders Mr. Mashook Ahmad, Mudasir Ahmad, Tanveer Ahmad , Majazz Ahmad and others took to the streets of busy business hub of srinagar city, Hari-Sing Highstreet in protest against the genocide ... Read More »

Forced Sun Salutation or Salute to Sun : Directive by GOI contradicting with Secular Nationalism-Tantray Mudasir Patron All India Peoples National Party


Mudabir rasool Kupwara 15 Jan 2022:- To ensure “active participation” of teachers and students to perform ‘Sun Salutation’ has drawn flak from the Kashmir region, who are terming it “religious imposition”. A few lines out of the script which make India, A great Nation, With the 42nd Amendment of the constitution of India enacted in 1976, the preamble to the constitution ... Read More »