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Comments on the allegations leveled regarding alleged biggest land scam in Delhi’s history by BJP led MCDs

Comments on the allegations leveled regarding alleged biggest land scam in Delhi’s history by BJP led MCDs

Press Release by Aam Admi Party alleging “biggest land scam in Delhi’s history by BJP led MCDs” is based on hearsay, misinformation and falsehood to mislead the people.

Renu K. Jagdev is an IRS Officer of 1989 Batch. She has served in MCD from 17/03/2005 to 01/04/2011. In her second tenure in North DMC she joined on 13/11/2014. Normally, the deputation period is 03 years, which she had completed on 12/11/2017. As per provisions of Section 89 of the DMC Act, 1957 Corporation is the appointing authority of all officers in the Grade Pay of Rs.8700 and above. The Corporation in exercise of its statutory authority directed relieving and repatriation of Smt. Renu K. Jagdev, Addl. Commissioner (Finance and Revenue). It is hereby made clear that Hon’ble L.G., Delhi or Chief Secretary, GNCTD do not have any role in repatriation of Smt. Renu K. Jagdev as alleged in the Press Release.

Renu K. Jagdev was entrusted with the responsibility of Assessor & Collector, and was also holding the charge of Advertisement Department and Remunerative Project Cell. As holding the charge of Addl. Commissioner (Revenue), Smt. Renu K. Jagdev was responsible to monitor the collection of taxes of the departments under her control and to take innovative measures to augment the municipal revenue.

A perusal of the recovery statement reveals that collection of revenue of the departments under her control has gone down from Rs.697.47 crore during the F.Y. 2016-17 to Rs.639.31 crore during the F.Y. 2017-18, as detailed below :

Sl. No.


Revenue Collected

(Rs. in crore)




Property Tax














Nos. of Taxpayers have also decreased from 4,40,145 during the F.Y. 2016-17 to 4,00,955 during the F.Y. 2017-18.

Further, Renu Jagdev’s coordination with Deliberative Wing was not appreciated by senior members. On a number of occasions, directions to enhance the revenue generation were issued, but desired results from the departments under her supervisory control could not be achieved. Complaints regarding interference of the husband of Smt. Renu K. Jagdev were often received from different corners, which were also raised during various meetings of Standing Committee and Corporation. The deputation tenure of Renu K. Jagdev was not extended by the Corporation in its meeting held on 26/02/2018.

Reply on the allegations leveled during the press conference of AAP leaders is as under :

Sl. No.

Allegation leveled

Reply of North DMC


Who owns this 95 acre of land and who allowed the handing over of this land to a private builder?

DMRC had been allotted land measuring about 37.80 Ha. say 93 acres located at Khyber Pass by the Ministry of Urban Development (Land & Development Office), Government of India on 15/11/1999 for construction of Khyber Pass Depot.

Out of said land, about 6.80 Ha. say 17 acre was auctioned by DMRC for residential development pursuance to the Ministry of Urban Development gazette notification dated 05/11/2003.

During the auction, DMRC transferred leasehold rights of said 17 acres of land for residential development to M/s Parsvanath Landmark Developers Pvt. Ltd. on 01/03/2004.

The above transfer of land was made during the year 2004 between DMRC and M/s Parsvanath, and MCD had not played any role in the same.


Since when have the BJP’ LG, Delhi Chief Secretary and BJP leadership been aware of this mega scam.

The aforesaid L&DO land was transferred by DMRC in auction to M/s Parsvanath, as mentioned above. The Hon’ble LG, Delhi, Chief Secretary, GNCTD and erstwhile MCD had no role in the matter.


Could this land have been transferred without the knowledge of the BJP’s LG, Chief Secretary and the BJP leadership in MCDs?

L&DO land can be transferred by GoI.


At which level was the decision taken to transfer this land? Who authorized it?

The land, in question, was transferred to DMRC by L&DO through gazette Notification of GoI.


Why are all the authorities silent on this mega scam?

Hon’ble L.G., Delhi, Chief Secretary, GNCTD and North DMC are not associated with the above transfer of land from L&DO to DMRC, and further from DMRC to M/s Parsvanath. It is made clear that neither Hon’ble LG, Delhi nor Chief Secretary, GNCTD had any role in the transfer of land, in question, to DMRC or M/s Parsvanath.

It is a matter of record that Smt. Renu K. Jagdev has spent about 9.5 years in two stints in MCD. Her complaint to Hon’ble Mayor after her repatriation is a strange development as she never raised these issues earlier. Her complaint reveals her desire to continue in MCD on deputation endlessly. The fact that a very senior Customs Officer of the level of Commissioner, on the verge of being promoted to Pr. Commissioner is interested in continuing as Addl. Commissioner in MCD raises suspicion about her motives in staying in MCD.

Renu K. Jagdev, the then Addl. Commissioner made a complaint to Hon’ble Mayor vide her note dated 18/05/2018. Taking into cognizance the allegations leveled in the complaint, the Hon’ble Mayor vide his letter dated 23/05/2018 has constituted a three member committee under the Chairmanship of Shri S.K. Bhandari, IAS, Addl. Commissioner (Engg.), Shri U.B. Tripathi, Addl. Commissioner (DEMS) and Shri Deepak Purohit, IPS, Chief Vigilance Officer. The Committee has been asked to examine all the points raised by Smt. Renu K. Jagdev and submit its report within one month positively.

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