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Delhi Govt Directs Private Schools to admit All Children Under EWS List

Delhi Govt Directs Private Schools to admit All Children Under EWS List

The direction has been issued after it came to light that some schools were denying admission claiming general seats had not been filled

The Delhi government on Thursday issued a fresh order to all private schools making it clear that every child whose name has appeared under the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) quota mandated by the Right to Education Act must be granted admission.

The Chief Minister had received multiple reports of schools denying admission to children under EWS claiming that their seats under General category had been filled and therefore. A similar issue had cropped up last year as well. However, after raids conducted by the Education department it was found that some schools had concealed actual enrolment in order to deny admissions to children under EWS.

The Hon’ble Delhi High Court has clarified the legal positions on this matter through orders issued in W.P.(c) No 3358 of 2013 and W.P.(c) No 5172 of 2013. 25% of all seats of the Entry-level class strength have to be reserved as EWS quota.

The hon’ble HC has upheld the Delhi government’s definition of class strength: it shall not be less than the highest number of seats in the entry level class in the previous three academic years. The caveat added by the HC is that the Director Education (DE) has discretionary power to grant relief to a school if the DE has verified that the school has made every effort possible to fill all general category seats.

In the absence of the Director’s certification from, the schools must admit all the children whose names have appeared in the EWS list through the computerised draw. The Circular issued by the Delhi government to this effect is expected to reduce the problems parents are facing because of wrongful denial of admission. The Government is committed to ensure that the Right to Education Act is complied with by all schools in Delhi.

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