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Delhi Govt. organizes Dastak programme

Delhi Govt. organizes Dastak programme

The renowned qawwals – Nizami Bandhu presented their soulful performance at the Dastak initiative – an evening of musical performance organised by the Delhi government at Janakpuri today. Dastak is Delhi government’s attempt to democratise art and culture programmes and take them to all corners of the city.

At the event, the Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia said, “Our focus has until now been on education sector but we have now also spread out towards Art, Culture and Languages. Culture and Education are the two pillars of a society. While education steers us ahead, culture keeps us grounded and keeps alive the soul of a society.”

The event was organised in a public park in Janakpuri and was attended by approximately 1500 people. Events organised under Dastak ensure that dance, music, theatre performances and other such cultural events are taken outside Central Delhi, to make art more accessible to Delhi’s citizens.

Nimmi Malhotra, a resident of Janakpuri and a part of the audience at this performance, applauded the Delhi government’s attempt in bringing cultural events to her vicinity. She believed the initiative helped in bringing together the community and gave her an opportunity to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the event, with her neighbours.

The Nizami Bandhu sang verses of Khusrau and Kabir, to highlight the importance of communal harmony and peace within any society. Their soulful performance touched people’s hearts and an audience member claimed that cultural events such as these, that spread the message of brotherhood, are the need of the hour.

Manish Sisodia also urged the audience to engage with the music, by saying, “Yeh ghoomne ki nahi, jhoomne ki mehfil hai”. Instead of being passive observers, the audience was requested to absorb the spirit of the music and let it shape their interaction with the society.

The next event under the Dastak initiative is a performance by Nizami brothers on 24th December, in Safdarjung Enclave. The event has already gathered much excitement amongst the people of Delhi.

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