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DPCC has complied the direction of Hon`ble National Green Tribunal

DPCC has complied the direction of Hon`ble National Green Tribunal

DPCC has complied the direction of Hon`ble National Green Tribunal:
1. Environment damages charges imposed against 765 units who were found directly or indirectly causing pollution by scrapping activity inside or outside their premises in Mayaypuri for Rs 1 Lakhs each.
2. DPCC to prosecute the industries who were found violating the environmental norms.
3. DPCC has made South DMC to remove 305 tons of scrap material lying on public land from Mayapuri Industrial area.
4. Environment damages charges of Rs. 50,000/- each, was imposed against 800 units who were found throwing solid waste into the drain or discharging untreated effluent into storm water drain. In addition to this direction of closure were also issued.
5. DPCC has issued directions to East DMC to close down/ seal all the godown being operated in Sonia Vihar area.
6. DPCC has directed all Municipal Authorities to close all polluting industries in non conforming areas/residential areas in Delhi.
7. Reference to the News item published in TOI on 9.4.2019 regarding unauthorized running of industries in ‘’Bhagya Vihar’’ and order dated 5.4.2019 in OA number 950/2018 of Hon’ble NGT. On receipt of the order dated 2.1.2019 on 28.2.2019 , DPCC has taken immediate action and inspected the site on 8.3.2019 and issued directions to close 4 unauthorized units on 13.3.2019 in addition to imposition of fine. Discom has disconnected the power supply to all 4 units.

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