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Dr S K Arora request Assam Govt to stop promotion of Tobacco brand in 65th Film Fare Award Ceremony

Dr S K Arora request Assam Govt to stop promotion of Tobacco brand in 65th Film Fare Award Ceremony

65th edition of Film Fare Awards will be held on 15th February 2020 at Guwahati, Assam and one of the main Sponsors of the Ceremony is VIMAL brand of Tobaccos. The advertisements for the same are going on in various medias .

Dr S K Arora, Additional Director Health, Govt of Delhi, in his letter on 4th February 2020 has requested Pr. Secy (H&FW), Govt of Assam to stop promotion of Vimal Tobacco brand in the coming 65th Film Fare Award ceremony to be held in Guwahati, Assam on 15th February 2019.

Dr Arora writes in his letter “It is worth mentioning that Vimal brand is registered under the category of Tobaccos with Trade Marks Registry of Govt. Of India, Ministry Of Industry & Commerce.These Tobacco brand advertisements / promotions / sponsorships as such or in the name of eatables like Ilaichi are violation of section 5 of COTPA (Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act) and is a punishable offence ”

He further adds that “Last year also I had lodged the complaint with the Principal Secy, Public Health, Govt of Maharashtra as the 64th Film Fare Award Ceremony was held in Mumbai , Maharashtra which was also sponsored by Vimal Brand of Tobaccos and FDA, Maharashtra taking cognisance of my complaint had issued show cause notice to Organizers of Film Fare Award Ceremony but it’s further outcome is not known”

Still there are 11 days to act before the final event date & timely action can save lakhs of people especially the youngsters from getting influenced from such advertisements of tobaccos & hence can be saved from the menace of tobaccos. Youngsters blindly follow the bollywood Industry & Stars as their role models & get trapped through these advertisements, says Arora

He writes that tobacco use is leading cause for 40% of all cancers, 90% of Oral cancers, 30 – 40% of TB and 20-30% of Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Attack & Brain Stroke in our country giving mortality of more than 13 Lakh people every year in India.

It’s worth mentioning that Dr Arora is fighting against these Tobacco promotions whether directly or in the name of eatables like PanMasala etc for many years. He says that timely enforcing such kinds of prohibitions are essential to save the future generations of India.

While writing this in his personal capacity, Dr Arora in the end request for necessary actions under COTPA against all responsible people & Organizations and stop the advertisement/promotion of Vimal tobacco brand in Film Fare Awards ceremony and medias including Chanel partner, Colors TV channel

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