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FDA, Maharashtra waits for reply of Show cause notice issued to Film fare Award Ceremony Organizers to take further action

FDA, Maharashtra waits for reply of Show cause notice issued to Film fare Award Ceremony Organizers to take further action

Office of joint commissioner, greater Mumbai, FDA ( Food & Drug Administration) issued Show cause notice to 64th Film fare Award Ceremony Organizers for promoting tobacco brand in upcoming Film fare award ceremony to be held in Mumbai on 23rd March 2019 after the Complainant lodged by Dr S K Arora, Addl. Director Health, Govt of Delhi in his personal capacity. The notice has been issued for violating the Food safety and standards act 2006, rules and regulations 2011.

On contacting Commissioner FDA, Maharashtra, Ms Pallavi ji to know further course of action by the FDA, she replied that ” we have issued Show cause notice to the organisers & waiting for the reply to take further action.”

” We are not police so can’t stop the event, we have to wait for the reply of notice to proceed further ” said the Commissioner. She confirmed that this tobacco brand promotion is illegal & violates Food Safety and Standards Act 2006.

It is worth mentioning that this action by FDA has been initiated after the repeated complaints of Dr S K Arora, Addl. Director Health,Govt of Delhi since 15th March 2019 on mail & official Twitter accounts of Public Health Deptt, Govt of Maharashtra, H&FW Deptt of Govt of India & Film Fare Organization.

On contacting, Dr Arora said that ” I had lodged the complaint to the relevant authorities in State of Maharashtra and Govt of India well in time on 15th March 2019 & thereafter also I am sending repeated humble requests in public health interest on official twitter account of these authorities but I don’t know whether the violation will be prevented timely or not OR the case will be like that happened in Cricket Match in 5th ODI India vs Australia on 13th March 2019 in which also the violation couldn’t be prevented inspite of the fact that I lodged the complaint one week in advance.”

” The bollywood & Cricket Industries need to behave responsibly if we have to protect our future generations from the menace of tobaccos & Pan Masalas. It is now proved beyond doubt that Supari in Pan Masalas is also Cancerous & hence should be avoided ” says Dr Arora

Since the event is now only one day away, so let’s hope, the better sense prevails & the tobacco brand promotion in 64th Film Fare Award Ceremony gets prevented timely, adds Arora

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