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Follow “Rakt Kundli” than “Janm Kundli” to prevent Thalassemia

Follow “Rakt Kundli” than “Janm Kundli” to prevent Thalassemia

Health deptt of Delhi Govt conducted 2 days workshop for Principals and Nodal teachers of Govt & Pvt Senior Secondary schools of Shahdra distt to sensitize them on prevention aspects of Thalassemia so that the births of Thalassemia major child can be completely prevented. The session was taken by Dr S K Arora, Additional Director Health, Govt of Delhi and participants from160 schools attended the event.
Dr Arora stressed that screening for Thalassaemia Minor before marriage and avoiding marriage between two Thalassemia minor is the only primary prevention.

He further stressed that Thalassemia minor is not a disease but just a carrier state which can transmit the disease – Thalassemia major so we should not feel stigmatised if we are diagnosed as Thalassemia minor as it is not a disease. Thalassemia minor can only be detected after blood test which are available free of cost at all major hospitals in Delhi and we are promoting the concept that “Follow RAKT KUNDLI” than “JANM KUNDLI” to prevent genetic disorders like Thalassemia for which practically we don’t have a cure & patients only survive on blood transfusion every 3 to 4 weeks along with daily drugs to take care of iron overload due to blood transfusions, adds Dr Arora.

He further said that in Delhi it’s mandatory to screen all pregnant women in 1st 3 months of pregnancy and all 10th class students of Govt/Pvt schools for Thalassemia minor status. These sensitized Principals & teachers will create Awareness among students and parents in their respective schools so that more and more students get their Thalassemia screening done at the earliest. Such events are being conducted in all distt of Delhi.

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