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The alert patrolling staff of Police Station-Saket, South District has done commendable work by arresting four cheats namely Kumar Shashank, Neeraj, Nitin,Naresh Pardeep and Shatrughan who impersonated themselves as members of IHRO and extorted money from the wine shops.

To curb the incidents of snatching& robbery, the team of Police Station-Saket, South District was continuously putting efforts and mounting traps on strategic locations to nab the criminals. Accordingly, the staff initiated sincere efforts by sensitizing local informers and collecting human intelligence. They were also directed to intensify patrolling in the area and thoroughly check each and every suspected person in the area.

The staff of PS- Saket comprising of SI Vikram, SI Aman, ASI Giriraj, HC Rajender& HC Virender were conducting foot patrolling near Select City Mall. During patrolling, a person came near them and informed that some suspicious persons came to his wine shop and posed themselves as officials from “International Human Rights Commission”. Further, he informed that the alleged persons were demanding money from the manager of the Wine Shop on the pretext of selling liquor to minors and threatening that the liquor license would be cancelled, if their demand of money was not met. Due to demand of money, the staff immediately reached the said wine shop and the shutter of the shop was found to be closed and a car was found to be parked in front of the shop. (a board mentioning National Secretary ,(Legal Cell) International Human Rights Organisation was written on the number plate of the car). The shutter of the shop was opened and five persons were found present inside the shop out of which two persons were armed with weapons who were stated to be PSOs of the officer of International Human Rights Organisation.

On further enquiry, manager of the shop reported that five persons came to the wine shop out of which two were armed with rifle and a gun. After entering, they posed themselves officials of International Human Rights Commission and one of them told his name as Kumar Shashank. In a threatening manner, he told the manager that liquor was being sold to persons below 25 years of age and as a proof, he called one person with Aadhar Card named Shtrughan aged 21 years, who purchased liquor just a few minutes ago. The officer told them that they committed offences under Excise Act and JJ Act and their Liquor license would be cancelled and action would be taken against them. Further, the alleged also told the manager topay Rs. 2 Lacs to settle the matter.

The police staff enquired the alleged persons to establish their original identity and on consistent questioning some suspicious activity was noticed by the police staff. Meanwhile, the owner of the wine shop told that similar type of persons came to his another shop at Saidullajab yesterday. They threatened them and demanded Rs.10,00,000/- but the matter was settled in Rs.40,000 by putting them in fear of cancellation of their license of the shop. The manager of the Saidullajab Shop was also called there who identified these persons who came to his shop one day ago. On this, the police staff started interrogating the alleged persons thoroughly who initially tried to mislead the police staff but finally, they broke down.

One of them namely Shanshank disclosed that he is a lawyer and stated that he worked as a legal advisor in an NGO named “International Human Rights Organisation” having its office at Pandav Nagar, New Delhi area. He hatched a conspiracy to extort the wine shop owners and for the purpose he hired a car with driver and two armed PSOs and one bouncer.

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