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Gangster namely Ajay Gurjar @ Bhai Ji having Underworld connections in Mumbai arrested

Gangster namely Ajay Gurjar @ Bhai Ji having Underworld connections in Mumbai arrested

A team of Special Cell, Southern Range led by Inspr. Shiv Kumar and Inspr. Jitender under the supervision of ACP Attar Singh has arrested a notorious gangster having underworld connections in Mumbai namely Ajay Gurjar @ Bhai Ji (aged 41 yrs.) s/o Mamchand r/o village Tumsara, Distt. Palwal, Haryana. He has been arrested in the evening on 06/01/2022 near bus stand Badarpur at Mathura Road in Delhi. Arrested accused Ajay Gurjar was currently wanted and absconding for 4 months in a case of Special Cell in Delhi. In said case, Satender @ Satte, associate of Ajay Gurjar was earlier arrested by the Special Cell in the month of August 2021, but Ajay Gurjar went underground to evade arrest. Hon’ble Trial Court had issued NBW and further process under 82 CrPC against Ajay Gurjar in above case. Ajay Gurjar is an International Taekwondo Black Belt holder and won 8 gold medals at National level. He had also participated in International Taekwondo championship in Bhutan and won silver medal in the year 2003. He finished at 5th position in another International Taekwondo championship held at Mumbai in the year 2005.

In the month of August 2021, an audio call between two persons became viral. In this audio call, Satender @ Satte was found asking his associate Ajay Gurjar to arrange an AK-47 rifle to execute the killing of a member of rival gang. In said call, Satender @ Satte was also talking of causing serious harm to one Dy. Supdt. of Central Jail at Tihar Delhi to avenge the death of their close associate namely Ankit Gujjar in jail with the alleged connivance of jail staff. It is worthwhile to mention here that Ankit Gujjar was found dead with multiple injuries on his body in said premises of Central Jail No. 3 on 04.08.2021 and family members of Ankit Gurjar had alleged that he was killed in jail with connivance of jail staff. As per directions of Hon’ble Delhi High Court, presently the investigation of said case is being conducted by CBI.
After the arrest of Satender @ Satte by Special Cell on 17.08.2021, name of Ajay Gurjar was identified as the caller on other end in the viral audio call. Ajay Gurjar went in hiding and remained elusive to evade arrest in that case. But team of Special Cell continued tracking his movements in four States. Efforts of more than four months succeeded when Inspr. Shiv Kumar received an information on 06.01.2022 about arrival of Ajay Gurjar at bus stand Badarpur at Mathura Road, Delhi between 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM to meet one of his associates. A team was formed and a trap was laid near said place. At about 7 PM Ajay Gurjar was spotted near bus stand when he was surrounded by the members of the team and finally nabbed and disarmed. One semi automatic pistol of .30 with 05 live cartridges was recovered from him. A case under appropriate sections of law has been registered in this regard.

Ajay Gurjar is a person of high aggressiveness, dominance and violence. Due to his peculiar nature, he started picking fights with people under sudden provocation or on petty matters. He had stabbed a person in the year 2004 in a fight and he was sent to jail. After coming out from jail, he became associated with persons of criminal background and started demanding extortion from well to do persons in the area. Presently, he is a highly dreaded and ruthless criminal of Delhi NCR. He has been found previously involved in more than two dozen cases including of murder, attempt to murder, extortion, assault, riot, criminal intimidation, arms act etc. in Delhi, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan and Maharashtra during last 15 years. He is involved in more than 10 cases only of extortion. Ajay Gurjar committed various cases of shootout for extortion in Haryana and Rajasthan and became wanted in these cases between the year 2008 to 2010. J.P. Gurjar, cousin of Ajay Gurjar having underworld connections sent him to Hafij Baloch, a dreaded gangster in Mumbai. It is worthwhile to mention here that Hafij Baloch with his associates had shot dead Jubair Patel @ Katya Don in the year 2008. After this murder, Hafij Baloch came from Mumbai and stayed in the house of Ajay Gurjar and his cousin JP Gurjar. After committing various cases of extortion, Ajay Gurjar went to Mumbai and stayed in house of Hafij Baloch. Ajay Gurjar was highly impressed with the luxurious lifestyle of Hafij Baloch and other gangsters of underworld. He started following their lifestyle. Since then, Ajay Gurjar is having strong underworld connections with four notorious underworld gangsters namely Hafij Baloch, Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar, Subhash Thakur and Arif Jaan (brother in law of Chhota Shakil) in Mumbai and he is having close association with them. Ajay Gurjar was given code name Bhai Ji by Hafij Baloch and he started working with him. Ajay Gurjar was further introduced with Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar, brother of Dawood Abrahim in the year 2010 by Hafij Baloch. A year later, Ajay Gurjar was introduced with Arif Jaan, brother in law of Chhota Shakil by Hafij Baloch. Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar got Ajay Gurjar introduced with Subhash Thakur, another notorious gangster of UP and Mumbai. Ajay Gurjar remained in constant touch with above four gangsters of Mumbai in the past prior to the year 2018 when he was arrested by Haryana police in above extortion cases.
Ajay Gurjar has disclosed that he had remained part of backend teams of notorious gangsters Subhash Thakur and Hafij Baloch who had committed several killings of members of their rivals in Mumbai in gangwar but Subhash Thakur never revealed Ajay’s name in these crimes. Ajay Gurjar with his associates including Subhash Thakur had demanded huge amount of extortion from prominent persons including businessmen, doctors, one councilor, two former ministers of Haryana and their relatives between the year 2008 to 2018 in Haryana and Rajasthan. Ajay Gurjar had fired on nephew of Karan Singh Dalal and also on Shivcharan Lal Sharma, both ex- ministers of Haryana and one Chandi Ram Gupta, councilor of the area in Palwal for extortion in the year 2012. Ajay was finally arrested in the year 2018 in all these cases of shootout and extortion. But Ajay Gurjar did not disclosed name of Subhash Thakur or Hafij Baloch in any of these cases to save them just like Subhash Thakur did not reveal his name in the killings in Mumbai as a part of mutual understanding between them. Ajay Gurjar had come out of jail about 10 months ago. Ajay Gurjar has disclosed that Subhash Thakur had also asked him to get his money invested in rising real estate business in Palwal area prior to his arrest in the year 2018
Ajay Gurjar with the help of his associates had committed many sensational and heinous crimes in four States of Haryana, Rajasthan, UP and Maharashtra, details of few of these is given below :-
In the year 2006, Ajay Gurjar had fired upon another gangster of Palwal namely Jatin in Haryana for establishing his supremacy in crime.
In the year 2008, he had fired on the manager of Vintage Haveli Hotel on Palwal-Hodal highway for extortion.
In the year 2009, he had fired upon a Doctor namely Prahlad for extortion of Rs. 50 Lacs, in Palwal, Haryana.
In the year 2010, he had fired on two of his rivals namely Jaidev Chaudhary and his associate in the area of Bharatpur, Rajasthan. A reward of Rs. 50,000/- was declared by Rajasthan police in that case.
In the year 2012, he had fired upon nephew of Karan Singh Dalal, Ex-Minister of Haryana Govt. in Palwal, Haryana for extortion.
In the year 2013, he had fired upon then sitting Councilor of Palwal namely Chandi Ram Gupta for extortion.
In the year 2014, he had demanded extortion of Rs. 50 Lacs from Radhey Shyam Kalra, a BJP leader in Hodal, Haryana.
In the year 2015, he had fired upon Ex-Minister of Haryana Govt. namely Pandit Shiv Charan Lal Sharma during his morning walk for extortion.
In the year 2018, he had fired upon one businessman of Delhi namely Rajender Goyal opposite Palwal Court complex for extortion.
In the year 2018, he had demanded extortion of Rs. 1 Crore from a Doctor namely Anoop in Palwal, Haryana.
Further interrogation of accused is going on. Facts revealed by Ajay Gurjar in his disclosure statement are being verified.

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