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With the arrest of one Kamlesh, age 28, r/o District Mahoba, UP, the staff of PS Vijay Vihar have rescued a 9 year old girl within 12 hours of the reports on her kidnapping.

On 02/06/19, the mother (complainant) of the missing child ( name with held) r/o Budh Vihar reported the missing of her 9 year old daughter from near her house at about 4.15 PM. Since the missing child was a minor, a case u/s 363 IPC was registered at PS Vijay Vihar. The complainant, worked as a domestic help at a few households in Sector 7 Rohini. Her family consists of four children i.e. 03 daughters and a son. The missing girl was the youngest child. Her husband had abandoned her and their children many years back. The complainant’s background, negated the possibility of the crime occurring due to a motive of ransom. The complainant and her other children were examined and it came to notice that the missing girl was sent to fetch some eggs from a shop in her neighborhood at around 2 PM on 02/06/19. When she did not come back, the entire family searched for her in the area and subsequently informed the police when their efforts turned futile. The egg-seller reported that the child had left his shop with the eggs at around 2.30 pm. The CCTVs installed at nearby shops were scanned by the beat staff and in one CCTV footage she was seen accompanying a motor cyclist as a pillion rider. Fortunately, the registration number of motor cycle was visible. However, the ownership could not be established as it had been sold multiple times. Her movement was backtracked and in one another CCTV footage she was seen talking to a man standing in a shadow. As this had grave connotations for the safety of the missing child, several teams sourced from various police stations of Rohini District were formed to track and trace the missing girl as well as the suspect. In the said footage another boy of the area was visible going in the opposite direction. He was traced and examined. The witness told that the person, who the missing girl was talking to, was the same person who used to come to the house of the complainant alongwith others to do repair work.

The complainant was confronted with this fact and she agreed to the possibility that the person with whom her daughter was talking too could be Kamlesh, a daily wages masonry worker, whom she had engaged to repair a leaking ceiling of her rented room about three months back. Kamlesh had roped in two more laborers and finished the work in five to six days. Investigations in the area also revealed that Kamlesh had in fact befriended the victim and used to come to the area without any specific work and lure the child by giving her money, sweets, fruits etc. As Kamlesh was the most probable suspect, his residence was traced and searched. He was found residing in a shared rented accommodation in Mange Ram Park Colony, Budh Vihar, which had been vacated by all the residents on the same day itself.

The mobile number of Kamlesh was obtained from the landlord and call records immediately obtained. It was found registered under fictitious name and address. Analysis of the call records revealed that the last call from this phone was made at around 8 pm when the device was in the area of Nizamuddin. Subsequently, the phone had been switched off. Through the examination of a few frequently called numbers, it was discovered that Kamlesh was a native of district Mahoba, UP.

Immediately a number of police teams were sent to Nizamuddin Railway Station and Sarai Kale Khan Area to scan the CCTV footage of the Railway Station, the parking areas as well as the small hotels and guest houses to locate the motor-cycle and/or obtain information about the suspect and the missing girl. In one of the CCTV footage of Nizamuddin Railway Station, Kamlesh and the missing girl were seen entering the main platform at 7.45 PM. Their movement was further tracked to platform No. 3. It came to notice that one train namely Sampark Kranti had departed from this platform at around 8.20 PM and was scheduled to reach Mahoba ( UP) at around 5.30 AM. A team comprising of SI Vishal, HC Suresh, Ct Anil and W/Ct Komal under the overall supervision of Insp. AvnishTyagi , Addl. SHO Vijay Vihar and Sh. S.P Tyagi, ACP/Aman Vihar was sent by road to apprehend the suspect and recover the victim from Mahoba. The photographs and description of the victim and the suspect was also shared with SSP Mahoba, who promised all possible assistance in the matter. At around 6 AM suspect Kamlesh alongwith the kidnapped girl were detained by the GRP staff of Mahoba Railway station. Kamlesh has been arrested in this case and the victim recovered safely. Both have been brought back to Delhi by the police team of PS Vijay Vihar.

Around 12 teams consisting of 75 personnel of 4 police stations viz. Vijay Vihar, North Rohini, South Rohini and Prashant Vihar and Spl. Staff Rohini district were detailed to work on this case which lead to the recovery of the kidnapped girl within 12 hours of her being reported to be missing.

The accused Kamlesh works as a mason. He has been working in Delhi over the past 12 years picking up odd jobs while living in rented rooms. He came in contact with the complainant when she hired him to repair her house. Over a period of time he grew fond of her and proposed marriage. When she refused, he hatched up this plan to kidnap her child so as to pressurize her into marriage.

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