November 29, 2022

Launch of ‘2004 Tsunami disaster story’ on its 10th anniversary

2014 commemorates the 10th year anniversary of the devastating Tsunami that hit the Indian shore in 2004. Air Commodore Nitin Sathe has charted out the dreadful time and the testing days at Car Nicobar in is book ‘A Few Good Men and the ANGRY SEA’, to be released on 26 December, 2014.

The book ‘A Few Good Men and the ANGRY SEA’ is a personal account of the author’s experience in disaster management and all the ordeal the air warriors had to go through in the coming months. Sathe writes ‘We saw cars, bikes and trucks smashed and piled on top of each other. We saw the first floor of one house separated from the ground floor and flung about a hundred metres away-a force we could not believe that water could generate.’

Sathe continues,’The wail of the grieved ones was strong enough to rip apart the strongest of hearts. The Air Force Station, despite losing 106 people of its own, rose Phoenix-like to become the centre of the relief efforts. 3000 people perished in Car Nicobar Island while the total tally for lives lost in India was almost 20,000.’

Sathe writes of the terrible times they had to face during rescue operation. e writes ‘During the first few months, drinking water was in short supply. The only water point in the station was a well that was severely contaminated by the debris and sea water that had seeped into it. Only one bottle of drinking water was issued to each individual on duty.’

The book is an inspiring first hand account of how human endeavour conquered one of the greatest natural tragedies in spite of facing terrible circumstances. It is a tribute to the efforts of the air fighters for bringing back normalcy to Car Nicobar Island.

2014 being the 10th anniversary of Tsunami disaster, the whole world is holding memorial services and events. Since it is a very significant anniversary for all of us, we’ll be grateful if this book finds a mention in your esteemed newspaper. Do please let us know if you would like to have a review copy of the book.

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