November 29, 2022

Massive drive against encroachers in South district retrieves gaonsabha land worth more than Rs 100 crores

A massive drive against encroachers on the government/gaonsabha land, undertaken under the leadership of Ms Niharika Rai, District Magistrate South District over last one month has retrieved gaonsabha land having market value of more than Rs100 crore rupees. In the drive undertaken with full support of Police, 70 bighas of valuable gaonsabha land encroached by the unscrupulous elements was freed from encroachment. The retrieved land will be utilized for setting up community facilities by various government departments who often face difficulties in finding suitable piece of land for setting up such facilities.
On 6th Aug 2014, after survey of the land by the district team, which detected the encroachment, demolition was carried out in Jonapur village and 8 bighas of gaonsabha land of approximate market value of Rs15 crores was retrieved. Thereafter, the demolition in MaidanGarhi village was carried out on 20th August 2014. It retrieved 25 bighas of land worth Rs 35 crores. A Police force of around 500 personnel was used to carry this exercise. This demolition was carried out on the basis of the directions of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.

On 2nd September 2014, 8 bighas of land of worth Rs 15 croresin the market was retrieved in Chhattarpur village through demolition of constructions on the Gram Sabha land. It was carried out on the basis of both the complaints received in the office as well as the directions of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi. Four days later, another massive demolition was carried out in MaidanGarhi village. It retrieved 10 bighas of Gram Sabha land approximately valuing Rs18 crores. A large police force of 600 personnel was roped to maintain law and order during the operation. The demolition was in compliance of the order of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.

On the basis of complaints received, two demolition exercises were carried out in Ayanagar village. The first demolition was carried out on 8th September 2014. It retrieved more than 1 bigha of approximately Rs1 crore worth of land. It is proposed to allot this land to the Department of Health and Family Welfare for construction of a dispensary. Another demolition in the same village was carried on11th September, 2014. in the presence of a 500 plus strong contingent of Police force. Land worth Rs 30crores of measuring 17 bighasof was retrieved.
Following this, in a demolition drive, 2 bighas of Gram Sabha land was retrieved in Asola village on 16th September 2014. The said exercise was carried on the basis of the complaints about encroachments received in the concerned office and survey of the area by the district team.

With increase in price of land in Delhi, pressure of encroachment on government/gaonsabha land has increased a lot. The construction of the boundary walls along the boundary of the retrieved plots of land is underway to thwart any attempt of re-encroachment of these valuable parcels of the land.

Niharika Rai, District Magistrate (South), who led this drivehas urged the public to thoroughly inquire about the ownership status of the land before buying any property. Unscrupulous property dealers often induce people in investing their hard earned money in government land and end up loosing crores of rupees. She said that encroachment of the government/gaonsabha lands will not be allowed under any circumstances and the encroachers will be thrown out from every inch of government land.
The department has offered the retrieved valuable pieces of lands to all the other government departments for making community assets like anganwadicentres, schools, dispensaries, hospitals, playgrounds, parks etc for the benefit of the people of these villages as well as public at large. Government departments often face constraint of land in constructing these facilities. The land can be allotted to government departments with the approval of hon’ble Lt Governor of Delhi.

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