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Most Wanted Criminal  Sandeep @ Kala Jathedi along with AnuradhaChaudhary@ Anurag @ Madam Minz, an infamous‘Lady Don –Revolver Rani’ arrested

Most Wanted Criminal Sandeep @ Kala Jathedi along with AnuradhaChaudhary@ Anurag @ Madam Minz, an infamous‘Lady Don –Revolver Rani’ arrested

A team of Counter Intelligence, Special Cell, Delhi led by Insp. Vikram Dahiyaand Insp. Sandeep Dabas, under the supervision of ACP Rahul Vikram, hasarrested Sandeep @ Kala Jathedi, the most wanted gangster of Delhi NCR – Haryana – Rajasthan –Punjab, carryinga cumulative reward of Rs. 6,00,000/-declared from Delhi & Haryana along with his aide and partner, a wanted ladyaccused Anuradha Chaudhary @ Anurag @ Madam Minz @ Revolver Rani, a resident of Rajasthan.

When Sandeep @ Kala Jathedi was previously arrested in 2012, he was then running wanted in 34 different criminal cases. After the escape of Kala Jathedi from the custody of Haryana Police in 2020, he and Anuradha @ Revolver Rani were jointly heading a major international criminal alliance which has known nodes of wanted criminal Virender Pratap @ Kala Rana,r/o Karnal, Haryana (operating from Thailand)Satenderjeet Singh @ Goldy Brar,r/o Muktsar, Punjab (operating from Canada) and Monty, r/o Punjab (operating from UK). This criminal alliance was engaged in high-profile extortions, interstate bootlegging, especially in drystates, illegal fire arms smugglingandland-grabbing. To maintain their unquestioned supremacy in the underworld of Delhi-Punjab-Haryana-Rajasthan, the alliance had got over twenty opponents eliminated over the previous two years.Currently,accused Sandeep @ Kala Jathedi is wanted in 15 cases of robbery, dacoity,attempt to murder, extortion, Arms Act etc. of Delhi. He was the mastermind behind the escape from custody of accused Kuldeep Mann @ Fajja from GTB hospital, Shahdara. Fajja was subsequently killed in a Special Cell operation within 3 days of his escape. Accused Kala Jathedi is estimated to be running wanted in over 25 cases registered in other three States of Punjab, Rajasthan,Haryana and the UT of Chandigarh. The details of these cases are being collected.

Anuradha Chaudhary has a long criminal history of crimes like kidnapping, extortion, Armsand Excise Act violations, cheating etc.She was a close associate of Rajasthanbased gangster Anand Pal, who died in a police encounter in June 2017. She is carrying a reward of Rs. 10,000/ declared from Rajasthan for her arrest. Anuradha is synonymous with terror amongst the business community of Nagaur, Sikar, Didwanaetc. in Rajasthan and is known to have used burst fire from AK-47 as a favorite weapon for intimidating her victims. She has over 12 criminal involvements in Rajasthan and is currently running wanted in two separate FIRs of abduction,extortion and firing registered in Nagaur, Rajasthan.

Accused Sandeep @ Kala Jathediand Anuradha Chaudhary were the operations heads of the alliance on the ground and were acting in unison with jailed gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi- Sube Gujjar and Kala Rana – Goldy Brar – Monty from outside India. The criminal alliance was functioning in a well-organized manner and had emerged asa name synonymous with gangland terror in the four major North Indian States.

Undera well-planned conspiracy, the gang members floated the fake news of Sandeep @Kala Jathedi fleeing India to divert the attention of police forces. Thereafter,Kala Jathedi disguisedhimself as a Sikh and started growing a beard and wearing at urban. After Anuradha Chaudhary joined him, they got fake identities as husband-wife prepared and were constantly shifting bases across different States to avoid any trail. They had formulated stringent protocols for communication amongst themselves and associates to maintain fail-proof secrecy.

Team and Operation:The Counter Intelligence unit of Special Cell, Delhi, in its endeavor to keep Delhi safe,had been persistently working on this criminal alliance. In this continuous operation, the team has already apprehended 20 important members in different operations over the past one and a half year. In-depth interrogations of previously arrested criminals led to drawing up of an operation for nabbing the kingpin i.e. Sandeep @ Kala Jathedi.

The team worked painstakingly for over four months before it came across some leads connected to Goa.The team of CI Unit, led by an ACP and two Inspectors, startedtrailing the identifiers from Goa and the search led them to Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand.The team, in its dogged pursuit, was finally able grab a footage which showed Kala Jathedi in a Sikh attire along with Anuradha.

Thereafter,the operation was code-named ‘Op D-24’ to signify that the criminal was running ahead of us by only 24 hours and it was a race against time to reduce this to D-20/16/12 and so on.

Finally,on 30.07.2021, the two accused were apprehended in a swift and professional operation from near Sarsawa Toll, Saharanpur – Yamuna Nagar highway, U.P.Accused Kala Jathedi’s favorite weapon, an imported PX-3 pistol and Anuradha’s favorite weapon, an IOB make 0.38 revolver, along with live cartridges, were recovered from their respective possession. The accused has been brought to Delhi, produced before the concerned Hon’ble Court and have been taken on 14days’ Police Custody Remand for further investigation.

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