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One memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is being signed between national Atlas & Thematic mapping Organization (NATMO) and national Disaster Response Force (NDRF) for preparation of utility/Information maps of all the district of West Bengal and Sikkim for official use of NDRF during its relief operations at the time of disasters.

NATMO is the only thematic mapping Organisation of the country under administrative control of Union Department of Science & Technology (DST) Established in 1956, NATMO is successfully serving the nation since 65 years National Atlas of India, Agriculture Atlas of India Forest Atlas of India, Socio-Economic Atlas of India, Cultural Heritage Atlas of India etc are the milestone publications of the organization. It has also pioneered the indigenous art of preparing Braille maps and has been awarded by the Hon’ble prime Minister of India for publishing first ever braille Atlas for the Country.

National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), the dedicated force of the Country, for disaster response related duties is established in 2008 as per the notification of NDMA Rules by the Government of India. The practice of “proactive availability” of the force to the states and that of “pre-positioning”, in a threatening disaster situation have immediately helped minimize damage caused due to natural calamities in the country. At present NDRF has strength of 16 Battalions spread all over the country. Besides the professionalism shown during rescue operations, NDRF has also acquired considerable expertise in facing CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological & Nuclear) challenges. Today NDRF is distinguished, unique Force across the country functioning under Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, within the overall command, control and leadership of the Director General, NDRF. The Moto of the Force is “AAPDA SEVA SADAIV SARVATRA”.

To help the people of the Country, NDRF is to reach to the site of natural disaster at the earliest to provide its service. Hence, the route map of the disaster sites is one of the main requirements for its operations. Similarly, to settle the evacuated/affected persons from the disaster sites, point locations of administrative, health and other related information of the area is also the primary need for operation of NDRF. As network, internet mobile phone, etc generally do not work during the time of natural disaster, authentic information /utility map is the only way to guide the NDRF in their operations NATMO is going to prepare these information/utility maps for NDRF to facilitate its operations and also to be part of the service to the Nation.

These information/utility maps will be prepared at district level and all the district of West Bengal and Sikkim will be mapped under the project. These maps will contain the minute details of road, drainage and point of locations of available resources to be used during operations in the time of natural disaster and will be prepared in 1:50,000 Scale.

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