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Nepal has ‘problem of plenty’ after ‘plenty of problems’

Nepal has ‘problem of plenty’ after ‘plenty of problems’

Kathmandu : Even as the death toll from Nepal’s devastating earthquake rose steadily past 6,100 on Friday, the uninterrupted flow of foreign aid and relief material from across the world has virtually left the Himalayan country struggling hard to deal with unexpected task of managing the “problem of plenty” .

With the Kathmandu’s tiny single-runway airport badly chocking with the cartons of relief material and city being “overcrowded” with foreign rescue teams and volunteers Nepal has urged the countries across the world not to send more teams. Facing the problem of plenty that’s actually triggering chaos at airports and parks being used to store the aid material Nepal on Friday evening told the foreign search and rescue teams not to come till their services are requisitioned further, senior United Nations officials overseeing the UN rescue operations told reporters here .

“The government had decided it had enough foreign experts in and around the capital Kathmandu. They feel they have enough capacity to deal with the immediate needs in search and rescue,” he said. “Those that are already en route can come but the others are being told not to,” resident coordinator for Nepal Jamie McGoldrick told Daily Post.

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