December 3, 2022


keeping up the ante and acting against illegal activities, Adl.C.P. S.B.S.Tyagi, New Delhi Distt., said that the staff of Police Station Parliament Street under the leadership of SHO, Parliament Street, acted upon a credible information and raided two adjacent suites (No. 620 and 622) apprehended 18 gamblers who had gathered from different parts of Trans-Yamuna area for the purpose of large-scale gambling. Board money to the tune of Rupees one lakh ten thousands and cash worth Rupees one lakh six thousand was seized from the gamblers. Upon interrogation, they informed that they had gathered at the Five-Star Hotel because it offers them a safe hideout away from the scrutiny of the police and other law-enforcement agencies. The gamblers have been booked under the Public Gambling Act at Police Station Parliament Street. Those booked in the FIR are Amit Yadav, Pawan Pandit, Ikramuddin, Jitender, Krishna Kumar, Raghav Bharadwaj, Vivek Tyagi, Mukesh Kumar, Shrichand, Sunil Kumar, Gyanender Kumar, Maharajuddin, Naveen, Kailash Kumar Sharma, Sudarshan, Sunil Gupta, Ashok and Dharmender. Action as per law is being taken against the accused persons. The role of the Hotel Staff is also being scrutinized as they failed to report such large-scale use of the Hotel premises for gambling and other illegal activities.

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