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v Northern Railway vigilance has been carrying out intensive vigilance checks in the Mass Contact Areas at all major locations over Northern Railway. The main emphasis of these checks are to detect touts, unauthorised travel agents & also to detect passengers travelling on transferred tickets purchased from unauthorised sources/agencies. The checks have been carried out at PRS locations, Trains, Booking Offices & on platforms. These checks included preventive as well as decoy checks. The results of the checks are highly successful. On the basis of these checks various system improvements have also been suggested by the vigilance. Intensive Public Awareness Campaign has also been launched in the media to educate the common masses.

v The detail of checks carried out during the period 1st Jan 2014 to 27th August 2014 is as follows:
· A total of 2259 preventive checks were conducted in Mass Contact Areas which include:
· 410 checks on PRS (Computerised Passenger Reservation Centre)
· 862 checks on booking
· 501 checks in trains
· 57 checks in JTBS/RTSA/UTA ( Jansadharan Ticket Booking Sevak/Railway Ticket Sales Agent/unauthorized Ticketing Agent)
· A total of 58 decoy checks in Mass Contact Areas
· 357 touts (including 182 unauthorized vendors) & 18 unauthorized travel agents were apprehended in the station premises and prosecuted u/s 144 of Railways Act.
· 133 TOT (Transfer of Tickets) cases detected and an amount of Rs. 1,19,681/- was realized from them.

Out of the total no. of 2259 preventive & 58 decoy checks carried out during this period most of the checks were successful & 1328 checks have resulted into DAR action & accordingly DAR action has been initiated against 1328 railway staff.

v During the period Jan. 2014 to July 2014, a “Special Summer Drive” was also launched during the ‘Summer Rush Period 2014’ (1st Mar. ‘14 – 30th June ‘14) by Northern Railway Vigilance in which joint teams of Vigilance, RPF & Commercial launched intensive checks in Mass Contact Areas. A total of 1406 preventive checks & 41 Decoy checks were conducted during this period. Most of these checks were successful. As a result of these checks DAR action has been initiated against 830 staff. During this period 39 checks were conducted on RTSAs/JTBSs/UTAs. A total no. of 225 touts (including 102 unauthorized vendors) were apprehended u/s 144 of Rly Act.

v As part of the Special Summer Drive, a ‘Special Intensive Ticket Checking Drive’ for 24 hours was launched in which 95 ticket checking staff have participated. In this drive, 35 stations and 87 trains were covered & an amount of Rs.17,22,020/- was collected as fare and penalty.
v ‘Special drive by Northern Railway vigilance at Varanasi’ — A ‘special drive’ was launched by Northern Railway vigilance from 15/08/14 to 18/08/14. As part of this drive, two teams of VIs were formed to carry out intensive checks at Varanasi. These two teams carried out decoy as well as preventive checks in PRS, Parcel, Booking offices & Trains. Following are the results of this drive:

PRS – a successful decoy check was conducted at PRS/Varanasi wherein ERC demanded & accepted Rs. 95/- from decoy passenger for providing confirm reservation in train No. 12237 against “Lower Berth quota” by altering age from ‘44’ to ‘45’ years.

Booking – 8 successful preventive checks at Booking office/Varanasi wherein irregularities w.r.t. cash with staff were detected.

Parcel – 12 (twelve) unauthorized labourers were apprehended who were detected handling the leased parcel packages & irregularities w.r.t. cash with one parcel porter was detected.

Platform – One ticket checking staff was caught collecting Rs. 50/- from passengers on account of “spitting on platform”, but he was not issuing EFT in lieu of money collected from passengers.

Trains – 2 successful preventive checks in 14258 Kashi Vishwanath Express trains were conducted wherein irregular passengers were detected & irregularities w.r.t. cash were detected with ticket checking staff.

Since Jan. ’14, vigilance checks have resulted in detection of not only common irregularities and corrupt practices adopted by touts/UTAs/staff in Mass Contact Areas but also some serious frauds which were resulting in heavy leakage of government revenue. Some of the important checks are as follows :

Serious Frauds detected

1. Manipulation in fare & distance by JTBS owner

During the scrutiny of collected UTS tickets from CTI office/New Delhi, four tickets were detected having manipulation of fare & station. Details of these tickets were matched with details obtained from system and it was found that on all the four tickets manipulations were done in fare by JTBS of Muzaffarpur, ECR. He was issuing tickets for adjoining station having fare as Rs. 5/- and then manipulating the fare through overwriting & over imposing higher amount of Rs. 250/- on the tickets. By this manipulation only Rs. 5/- were deposited in Railway account whereas after manipulation in fare, JTBS owner was pocketing Rs. 245/- illegally causing revenue loss to railways. GM/ECR has been advised to take action against JTBS owner.

2. UTS/JTBS Fraud

During a preventive check, it was detected that a JTBS of Karol Bagh is operating as normal booking window instead of a JTBS and the sale generated was causing increase in station outstanding as he was not depositing any money in railway account. This was a major failure on the part of the station staff and a major fraud was detected. DAR action has been initiated against (CBS, CMI, Dealer, Sr TIA & PRS staff) employees responsible.

3. Carrying passengers on berths cancelled after charting

Northern Railway vigilance received source information that ‘confirmed tickets’ are cancelled by passengers after chart preparation and passengers are carried by Ticket checking staff and are shown as turned up in working charts.
a. Detailed analysis of 08 months data of 12 trains on Northern Railways revealed approx. a refund of Rs.2.60 Lakhs.
b. D&AR action was taken against defaulters & 08 Major penalties were issued.

4. Loss of revenue due to faulty results by Electronic in-motion weighbridge

On source information that a rake of 20 VPs & 2 SLRs having overloading of 10 -20 tonne in each VP, reweighment was arranged at CCC/NDLS. During the reweighment, 3 wagons found to be overloaded but weighment report was showing erroneous results owing which manual weighment at DLI was conducted. In-moton weighbridge found 6.9 tonne extra in one VP whereas in manual reweighment it came to be 10.01 tonne extra likewise in another VP instead of 0.18 tonne, 2.77 tonne excess weight was there. Thus, total 14.78 tonnes overweight was detected and an undercharge of Rs. 8,23,889/- was realized.

Likewise on another source information that a demand VP having carrying capacity of 23 tonnes destined for SDAH has been overloaded with 7-8 tonnes excess weight. To check the veracity of information, reweighment of VP SWR 09826 was done at Delhi jn and an excess weight of 8,188 kg (35.6%) over and above carrying capacity of 23 tonnes was detected and an undercharge of Rs. 3,04,570/- was realized.

Hence, it was detected that electronic in-motion weighbridges were giving false readings leading to heavy loss of Railway revenue.

Important Preventive Checks

· A preventive check was conducted at Tis Hazari PRS location. The government cash of the PRS staff was found short by Rs. 12,790/- and one Tatkal ticket was also recovered from his possession valuing Rs. 11,170/-. 05 touts were also apprehended from the same location.

· A preventive check was conducted on RTSA counter at IRCA. A representative of a RTSA was found possessing 10 tickets prepared in continuation from the same counter between 0800 hrs to 0820 hrs. The requisition slips of these 10 tickets were having stamps of different RTSAs. Out of these 10 tickets, only one ticket was prepared on the requisition form having his RTSA’s stamp, rest 09 tickets were prepared for different RTSAs. 26 PRS ticket valuing Rs. 66,480/- for cancellation & 08 Tatkal requisition forms were also recovered from his possession.

· A preventive check was conducted to detect overloading in a demand VP and an excess weight of 7,228 Kgs (40%) was detected and an undercharge of Rs. 2,83,087/- was realised.

Important Decoy Checks: During this period a total of 55 decoy checks were conducted. Some of the major Decoy checks are as under:-

· During a decoy check conducted in a train no. 22401, train manning staff demanded & accepted Rs. 2,000/- from decoy passenger. Also two irregular passengers were regularised and an amount of Rs. 2600/- was recovered alongwith an amount of Rs 4,000/- found undeclared & unaccounted from his possession.

· During the decoy check conducted on RTSA, the RTSA charged Rs. 900/- against the actual fare of Rs. 435/-. One UTA was also found functioning under the patronage of RTSA, from whom 57 E-tickets and 03 PRS tickets worth Rs.69,594/- were recovered.

· During another decoy check conducted on RTSA, the RTSA booked e-ticket on personal ID and charged Rs. 2500/- as against the actual fare of Rs.1311/-. The RTSA was prosecuted under section 143 of Railways Act-1989.

· During the decoy check the UTA demanded and accepted Rs.49/- over and above the actual fare from decoy passenger Ex. Sultanpur to Asansol for SL class in Train No.13050 Express. The UTA was also found issuing E-tickets on personal ID and a total of 36 E-tickets worth Rs. 34081/- were also recovered from his possession.

· A decoy check was conducted on Unauthorized Travel Agent at Manesar Gurgaon. The UTA demanded and accepted Rs.3660/- instead of Rs.1510/- for preparing 02 Tatkal tickets. 18 other PRS tickets were also recovered from the UTA amounting to Rs.16,170/-. The UTA has been prosecuted under section 143 of the Railways Act-1989.

· During another decoy check conducted at a UTA, UTA demanded & accepted Rs. 2970/- for one Tatkal ticket in SL from Anand Vihar to Muzaffarpur by T.No. 14006 against Rs. 1141/-. Total six E-tickets were also recovered.

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