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Notorious International Narcotic Drug Cartel busted

Notorious International Narcotic Drug Cartel busted

A team of Southern Range, Special Cell, led by Inspr. Shiv Kumar under the supervision of Shri Attar Singh, ACP has busted an International narcotic drug cartel and arrested its three key players namely (1) Taibali, a resident of Manipur (2) Islamuddin and (3) Shohidur Rahman Jodder, both residents of Assam, near bus stand Indraprastha Park, Ring Road, Delhi. Total 6 kgs of high grade heroin worth Rs. 24 crores in the International market has been recovered from their possession.

Special Cell in its tirade against drug suppliers had busted several narcotic drugs cartels in the past by arresting various members of these cartels and by recovering huge consignments of drugs including heroin. Sleuths of Special Cell of Southern Range were working on information that an international narcotic drug cartel is active in states of Manipur, UP, Delhi, Punjab, Assam, West Bengal etc. Members of this cartel are involved in supply of high grade heroin from Manipur in these States. This information was further developed through technical as well as human surveillance. It took painstaking efforts of 3 months to develop information. During this process, members of this cartel were identified and their activities were kept under discreet surveillance.

On 20.05.2018, a specific information was received by Inspr. Shiv Kumar that Taibali who is resident of Manipur had arrived in Delhi. It was also known that he would deliver a big consignment of heroin to his conduits in Delhi near Indraprastha Park, Ring Road. Accordingly a crack team was formed. A trap was laid near bus stand Indraprastha Park where Taibali arrived at spot with a bag in his hand. Thereafter, Islamuddin and Shohidur Rahman Jodder also came from ISBT Sarai Kale Khan side. Both met Taibali, who handed over packets to both of them at about 5:30 PM. Police team swooped in and apprehended all three persons. They were identified as (1) Taibali r/o Thongthabi Leikai, Irengband, Thoubal, Manipur aged 33 years, (2) Islamuddin r/o Distt. Goalpara, Assam, aged 31 years and (3) Shohidur Rahman Jodder r/o Naskara, Distt. Dhubri, Assam aged 32 years. 5 kgs of heroin was recovered from Islamuddin and Shohidur Rahman Jodder i.e 2.5 kgs from each and 1 kg from Taibali. Total 6 kgs of heroin was seized from trio at the spot. A case under appropriate sections of law has been registered at PS Special Cell.

Modus-operendi and gist of interrogation of arrestees

All three accused persons were subjected to sustained interrogation wherein they disclosed that they are members of the big international narcotic drug cartel being run by a notorious drug supplier of Manipur. Accused Taibali revealed that the recovered consignment of heroin was supplied to him by that person. Taibali further disclosed that said kingpin has links with drug suppliers in Myanmar and he receives huge consignments of heroin from Myanmar. Taibali also disclosed that although there is widespread illegal cultivation of opium in bordering areas of Manipur. Drug manufacturers prepare heroin from opium and supply it further in parts of country. He also disclosed that quality of heroin smuggled from Myanmar is much superior to heroin produced in Manipur and is also cheaper than heroin produced by their counterparts in India. That is why heroin produced in Myanmar is in high demand internationally and also in India.

Taibali further disclosed that he has been involved in drug supply for the last 10 years. He has further revealed that he has been supplying heroin to his contacts including persons of Delhi based African origin in Delhi for the last 3 years. He has already supplied more than 120 kg heroin to his contacts in Delhi as disclosed by him. He also supplies heroin to drug dealers in other parts of NCR, UP, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam etc. He disclosed that he used to bring consignments of heroin by keeping in secret cavities of trucks coming from Manipur to Delhi. Islamuddin and Shohidur disclosed that they have been receiving heroin from members of this cartel including Taibali for the last about 5 years. They further supply heroin to their contacts in above states including Delhi. Recovered heroin was to be supplied in Delhi to the persons of African origin as told by arrested trio.

It is here also worth mentioning that for last 2/3 years, there is perceptible change in pattern of supply of heroin in India. During this period there has been increase of supply of heroin in parts of India from Manipur and Myanmar. Demand of heroin produced in traditional areas of Bareilly, Badaun, Barabanki etc in UP, Jhalawar in Rajasthan and Mandsore in MP has diminished in comparison to heroin brought from Manipur and Myanmar due to superior quality and less cost.

It is here also worthwhile to mention that Special cell had succeeded in busting 10 narcotic drug cartel and recovering more than 64 kgs of heroin this year.

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