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NEW DELHI : North District police works on zero tolerance policy against street crime and has been taking various steps to curb the same. North District police has made many strategies to curb street crime like increasing police presence in the beat areas by regular area patrolling, conducting random picket checking during odd hours to surprise the active criminals, maximum use of ROKO TOKO strategy of Delhi Police, using local Guards and Chaukidar as force multiplier and using them in night patrolling with beat officers, maximum use of Vehiscan App, combing & Search Operations apart from many awareness campaign like “Jan Chetna Abhiyan”.

North District police taking one step ahead started a new initiative “RAKSHAK” of collecting the details of criminals active in street crime including robbery, snatching, auto theft and History sheeters in North District during last 5 years, who are residents of Delhi and are actively committing crime in North District.

In this manual/lengthy process, the team obtained detail and photographs of such criminals from all the Police Stations of North District, which was correlated with such data collected from Dossier Website as well as Dossier Cell.

As a result, booklets of total 1758 identified criminals including 416 robbers, 457 Snatchers, 153 auto-lifters and 712 BCs of North District was prepared.

The operation was launched on the 1st November, 2021 and the category wise prepared booklets were distributed among the field functionaries of all 14 Police Stations and special staff team of North District with the direction to verify the same at ground level and also to put active surveillance over their activities. An especially prepared questionnaire asking the details like verification of criminal’s address, profession, source of income, vehicle details, if any, new associates/friends, their present contact number and social media IDs etc, was also provided to each field functionary for better result.

Working on the same, till 27th January, 2022 total 1297 criminals i.e. 416 Robbers, 457 snatchers, 153 auto-lifters and 732 BCs have been manually verified/enquired by the field functionaries till 27th January, 2022. The exercise also works as a focussed surveillance over the active criminals. The physical and lengthy exercise bore fruits and helped in curbing street crime as it worked psychologically in degrading the morale of the criminals.

The exercise is continuing and will be repeated in future with focus on the criminal activities for better surveillance and curbing street crime.

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