December 2, 2022

Over 1,000 Fair Price Shops licencee penalized on the basis of complaints

The Department of Food Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Government of Delhi has set up a call center, managed by professional agency to receive the calls made on Ration Helpline No.1967 and Toll Free No.180011841. The commissioner food and Supply, S. S. Yadav today informed that the call center was made operational in August 2013. The call center has been very popular amongst the people. It has so far received 3,30,084 calls. People can seek information by making calls on the Helpline numbers as well as make complaints against the Fair Price Shops for various irregularities like non opening of shops, delivery of less quantity, overcharging, poor quality of food grains, misbehavior, deficiency in services etc. While majority (99%) of the call were made to seek information, the call center has also received more than 1,000 complaints.
Yadav also informed that the call center staff is properly trained to provide all the information relating to the services provided by the Department including the National Food Security Act, 2013. The complaints received are immediately forwarded to the concerned Zonal Assistant Commissioner of the Department to inquire into the complaints, take necessary penal action if the complaint is found to be true and informs the call center which in turn conveys the action taken report to the complainant and take feedback about his/her satisfaction.

Yadav said that the Department has also started providing information about the latest wholesale and retail price of onion, potato and tomato through the call center and also the places where they have been made available at highly reasonable rates by the Government of NCT of Delhi. People are encouraged to take the services of the call center.

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