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Reversal of heart disease

Reversal of heart disease

Heart disease is reversible if lifestyle modifications are made in a timely manner. Nine potentially modifiable risk factors of heart attacks include smoking, dyslipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, abdominal obesity, psychosocial factors, regular alcohol consumption, lack of adequate fruits and vegetables in the diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Over 90%, Indians suffer their first heart attack due to one or several of these lifestyle irregularities. Modifying one’s bad habits can go a long way in helping prevent the onset of heart diseases.

Speaking on this topic, Padma Awardee, Dr. KK Aggarwal, President HCFI & Honorary Secretary General IMA said, “Majority of the known risk factors of heart disease are modifiable. The reasons for the rising incidence of premature heart disease amongst today’s generation are their unhealthy life choices. The lifestyle of today’s youth is characterized by a diet comprising of mostly consume junk food, high-stress jobs, lack of exercise and sleep, and an over dependence on alcohol and cigarettes. If the youth is made aware of the dangers, these carry, and timely modifications are made many heart attacks can be prevented.”

Smoking cessation reduces the risk of both heart attack and stroke. The risks of heart attacks and death in a smoker reduce by half after the first year of quitting itself. Once a person permanently quits smoking, over the course of time his chances of heart disease begin to approach that of nonsmokers.

Some observational studies have shown a strong inverse relationship between leisure time activity and decreased risks of CVD. Given this fact, Heart Care Foundation of India recommends walking 80 minutes in a day and with a speed of 80 steps per minute.

Along with lifestyle modifications, aspirin is recommended for primary prevention of heart disease for men and women whose 10-year risk of a first heart attack event is 6 percent or greater.

To prevent heart attacks one must remember the simple HCFI Formula of 80

1. Keep lower BP, bad cholesterol level, resting heart rate, fasting sugar and abdominal girth levels all less than 80

2. Keep kidney and lung functions more than 80%.

3. Exercise regularly (minimum 80 minutes of moderately strenuous exercise per week). Our recommendation is to walk 80 minutes a day and for 80 minutes per week at a speed of 80 steps per minute

4. Do not eat more than 80 gm or ml of caloric food in each meal. Follow a healthy diet (high in fiber, low in saturated fats, containing zero trans fat, low in refined carbohydrate and salt

5. Observe cereal fast 80 days a year

6. Do 80 cycles of pranayama in a day

7. Spend 80 minutes to yourself every day (relaxation, meditation, helping others, etc.)

8. Do not smoke or be ready to pay Rs. 80,000 for treatment

9. For those who drink and do not wish to quit, limit alcohol intake to no more than 80 ml per day for men (50% for women) or 80 grams per week. 10 grams of alcohol is present in 30 ml or 1 oz of 80 proof liquor

10. Take 80 mg of aspirin if prescribed for prevention

11. Tale 80 mg atorvastatin for prevention when prescribed

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