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Ride for a Cause : Ride against child beggary

Ride for a Cause : Ride against child beggary

a group of people with a passion of riding. During our movements within the city, we feel extreme pain and anguish when we see very small children begging on streets, on traffic signals. It is our understanding that these children do not beg on their own accord but are forced into it. There are more than one million street – children in India. So even if one child is getting one rupee a day, there is a “cash flow of approximately One Million Rupees per day ”. (And if it is 10 Rupees per day per child it is one crore rupees for a day.) By being sympathetic to these children and giving them some money, we are helping run a criminal nexus.

Our objective is to create awareness that people should not give cash to children. Instead they should provide them with eatables etc which they can consume immediately. This way we might be able to stop cash flow and thereby make this trade less lucrative.

towards this end we are planning a small ride ( on 7th December 8:30 am from Rajpath, India Gate (Janpath – Sansad Marg – Connought Place Outer Circle – Barakhabma Road – Pragati Maidan – Lajpat Nagar Road – Def Col – South Ex – Dhaula Kunva – (via Sardar Patel Marg) – South Avenue (Via Teen Murti marg) – Rajpath (via Dalhousie Road) with about 100-125 motorcycle riders.

It is further informed that we are neither affiliated to any political party nor organization. It is an individual initiative for a social cause.

We expect widest possible coverage through your esteemed medium to help us spread this awareness and tackle the menace of child beggary.


PS: should there be any query or need you may contact us on these numbers 8527970481 (Ajju); 9871997099 (Rahul); 9818813026 (Farooq); or 8376921469 (Shandy).

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