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The team of PS Jamia Nagar, South-East District has unearthed murder mystery of an elderly couple who were found dead in their house in Jamia Nagar in suspicious circumstances. With the arrest of the son of the deceased couple, namely Abdul Rehman, age-26 years r/o Zakir Nagar, Jamia Nagar and his associate Nadeem Khan, age-32 years r/o Nangloi, the police has solved a sensational case of double murder in Jamia Nagar.

On 28.04.2018, information was received at PS-Jamia Nagar that two persons are lying dead at 180/A, Gali No-7, Zakir Nagar, Jamia Nagar. On receipt of the same the police team rushed to the spot and found that the main wooden gate of the 1ST Floor was broken and in the first room of the house, two bodies (a male and a female) were lying on the floor. All the belongings of the house including cash rupees 5.25 Lacs and the jewellery were found intact.
The deceased were identified as Shamim Ahmed age-55 years and his wife Taslim Bano, age-50 years. Enquiry got conducted and the statements of the relatives including son of the deceased, namely Abdul Rehman were also recorded but no foul play was suspected by anyone. The relatives stated that the door of the flat was found locked from inside and they entered there after breaking the door lock.

Further, the crime team also inspected the scene of crime. The post-mortem of both the bodies were got conducted at the AIIMS. The scene of crime was preserved and later the same was re-inspected by the team of FSL, Rohini. The post-mortem report of both the deceased persons got received and in both the reports the cause of death was opined by the doctors as “Asphyxia due to smothering”. On the bases of the PM reports a case vide FIR No-188/18, dated 19.05.18, u/s-302 IPC got registered at PS-Jamia Nagar and investigation was taken up.

To solve this murder mystery a special team under the supervision of Sh. Jagdish Yadav, ACP/New Friends Colony and led by SHO/Jamia Nagar Insp. Sanjeev Kumar consisting of Insp. Bharat Singh, SI Rohit Kumar, SI Bhagwan Singh, ASI Bhagwan Singh, ASI Vijender Singh, ASI Devender Singh, HC Yash Pal, Ct Amrish was constituted.

By keeping in view the gravity of the case, intensive efforts were made by the police team to illuminate the mysterious and sensational double murder case of couple. All possible angles/motive of the murder were kept in the mind and detailed enquiry from all the relatives & neighbours was conducted. CCTV footages of the nearby area were also scrutinized.
Technical surveillance was also mounted and on the basis of its analysis, some discrepancies were noticed in the version given by the son of the deceased, Abdul Rehman. Subsequently, on 21.05.2018, he was again interrogated at length. On earlier occasions Abdul Rehman confronted the police questioning with such an ease that no one could have raised suspicion over him. The hard work and meticulous efforts made by the police team finally paid off as Adbul Rehman couldn’t sustained for long and finally broke down during extended interrogation and confessed his involvement in the murder of his own parents to meet the needs of his girlfriend and to meet expenses on his drugs habits.

Facebook girlfriend from Kanpur
During sustained interrogation, Abdul Rehman, who was married for past 1 ½ years but divorced stated that he had completed Diploma In Animation and earlier used to work in a Call Centre but from past one year he is out of work. In 2016 he got friendly with one girl of Kanpur through Facebook. They both soon became very close but in 2017, as per the wishes of his family Abdul Rehman married some another girl. But still he used to visit Kanpur to meet his girlfriend. Even after his marriage, he continued his relationship with the Kanpur girl and even promised to marry her.

Motive: Wanted money for drugs
Accused used to work in a Call Centre but due to his addiction towards drugs he left the job. At present, he was out of work and was finding hard to arrange money for drugs as well as to meet expenses of his girlfriend. Accused Abdul Rehman even told his parents about his relationship with his girlfriend and his desire to marry her. However, his parents were not happy with this relationship and advised him to leave that girl and continue his marriage. The accused was the only son of his parents and in order to grab their property and other belongings, he hatched a conspiracy alongwith his 02 associates namely Nadeem Khan and Guddu to kill his parents.

Hired associates at 2.5 lac rupees
Both Nadeem & Guddu are native of Rampur, UP and are known to accused Adbul Rehman from past 02 years through a common friend of both namely Rehan. Guddu worked as a tailor in Rampur and Nadeem worked as carpenter in Nangloi. They both used to visit Rehan at Jamia Nagar and there only they became friendly with Adbul Rehman. In order to bear his expenses of drugs as well as his girlfriend’s needs, accused Adbul Rehman allured both Nadeem & Guddu to help him in murder of his parents. They both were promised Rs. 2.5 lacs for this murder. In order to earn quick money they both agreed to the offer given by Adbul Rehman.

On 27.04.2018 at around 11 PM, Adbul Rehman called both Nadeem & Guddu at his residence at Zakir Nagar. In the very first room of the flat his parents were sleeping on the bed and all 03 attacked them. Guddu caught hold of the lady Taslim Bano while Nadeem Khan caught hold of Shamim Ahmed and their son Abdul Rehman smothered them mercilessly one by one by putting bed sheet and blanket on their faces. They tried their best to survive but finally lost their lives in the hands of their own son. During the scuffle Nadeem Khan got some injuries in his left hand index finger as the finger was chewed by the deceased Shamim Ahmed.

After execution of their plan both Nadeem Khan and Guddu left the house and Abdul Rehman remained roaming around his house and tried to create his plea by locking the doors of the flat from inside, as it had the mechanism wherein they could be locked automatically from inside when closed from outside.

Pretended to be innocent
Adbul Rehman called his neighbours and pretended infront of them that his parents were not opening the door and are also not picking up his phone as well. He also remained present while his relatives broke the door and pretended to be unaware of all the incident.
He also faced the initial police questioning with such feigned innocence that he could not be suspected in the case. On the basis of the above interrogation and facts on record he was arrested in the case and in furtherance of his disclosure and pointing out his associate Nadeem Khan was also arrested from Nangloi. Raids are being conducted to arrest the third associate Guddu.

Accused Abdul Rehman, age-25 years has Diploma in Animation and worked in BPO/Call Centres in night shifts. During his working he started consumption of drugs. Now, he is unemployed. He is married and having illicit relationship with a girl from Kanpur with whom he got friendly via Facebook.

Accused Nadeem Khan, age-32 years is basically from Mohalla Ghera, PS-Ganj, Distt., Rampur (UP) and studied upto class 5th. He is unmarried and working as a carpenter in Nangloi and was in desperate need of money.Further investigation in the case is under progress.

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