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Talk on “Demonetization and its Effects on Indian Society

Talk on “Demonetization and its Effects on Indian Society

Youth Congress and Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress Shri Amit Malik organized a talk on “Demonetization and its Effects on Indian Society,” at Press Club of India. The discussion was headed by Shri Kapil Sibal, Rajya Sabha Member and by Shri Aditya Narayan Misra, former DUTA President. Today when there is an upheaval in entire country, the discussion was on the condition of masses and the falling economy. This demonetization is a big brunt on face of India, which apparently is World’s biggest democracy; however gradually turning into an individual regime, where decisions are made for individual benefits and not for people of India.

Kapil Sibal made a strong statement when he said, “if you have to fight against black money, fight with transactions and not with people.” Taking into consideration the present situation of every household, he also said that “people used to save their hard earned money for difficult times, who would ever imagine that someday money will only become difficult for itself.” Every hard earned penny saved by generations have now become black money. Instead of troubling millions of common people of India, why do we not focus on those handful billionaires who have their black money saved in International lockers. Attacking this farce action of Prime Minister Modi, Sibbal ji said that, “a ruler should never lie to his people, but mostly all his talks are big lies to the people.” At the end, to sum up this entire demonetization scenario, (as we all are aware of it), Sibbal ji also did not forget to mention, forthcoming UP elections, which is the main target of NDA government, or rather Modi ji’s government.

We also had with us, Aditya Narayan Misra, former DUTA President, who compared Modi ji with Mao Tse Tung in whos regime of Cultural Revolution, millions of people were killed. He further said,. “similarly here we have Modi ji who is fond of ‘four less’ – cashless economy, teacher-less universities, poor-less India and judge-less courts;’ and he does not realize how many people he is killing in this process.”

The discussion was attended by Shri Sitaram Lamba – IYC Secretary, the Lawyer Community, Academicians and various media teams. It also witnessed the presence of Youth Congress members along with DPYC members and many other common people.

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