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With the arrest of 04 persons namely 1. Akash (Sharp shooter of Rohit Chaudhary Gang) 2. Suraj Choudhary, 3. Ajay Rathi @ Shanki and 4. Bunty, Two cases of Murder including sensational Taimur Nagar murder cases which caught wide media attention, 18 Cases of Robbery, Including 5 Cases of Car Jacking using Fire Arms and 5 cases of Gold chain & Gold Ornaments snatching, two cases of MV Theft and One case of attempt to criminal intimidation had been solved.

According to VIJAY KUMAR, DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE, SOUTH DISTRICT, NEW DELHI,Complainant R/o Vasant Kunj, New Delhi reported that he is running a Dhabha at Main Road, Chattarpur, New Delhi in the name and style of ‘Khalsa Dhabha’. On dated 02/10/18 at about 11 pm, he was sitting at cash counter and winding up his dhabha. His workers were doing their jobs and few customers were also present inside the dhabha. At that time, one Young person wearing half mask but his face was still partially exposed, entered in the dhabha and straight away came to cash counter. He immediately took out pistol and pointed at the complainant and threatened him to hand over the cash. By the time the complainant could understand, alleged robber took out cash (Approx. 60-70 Thousand) from his counter and robbed his gold chain and Mobile phone (Iphone- 7). He also fired 2-3 shots which caused minor injury at his left arm of the complainant. On raising alarm, the dhabha employees tried to chase the robber but he managed to flee after robbing another M/cycle at gun point towards Maidan Garhi. In the process, he also fired one shot in the air before robbing M/cycle No. MP-40-C-0974 CD Deluxe from one Viplav Nayak. In this connection, a case FIR No. 655/18, U/s 392/397 IPC & 27/54/59 Arms Act PS Mehrauli was registered and investigation taken up.

During the course of investigation and a team comprising of Inspr. Madan Lal, SI Rakesh Sharma ,SI Rajeev ,SI Hukam Chand, ASI Jitender, HC Ashok, Ct. Rahul , Ct Narender, Ct. Naveen, Ct, Kamaldeep, Ct, Chancal Maan, Ct Dharmaveer, Ct. Shivdayal, Ct Manish and Ct. Sandeep led by Inspr. Atul Kumar, SHO Mehrauli under the supervision of Sh. Rajender Pathania, ACP Mehrauli and overall supervision of DCP/ South was constituted to nab the criminals. The team worked relentlessly and analyzed the CCTV footages of nearby areas. The Police team also developed information about the criminals and during that exercise, it came to notice that a similar incident was committed one night back and criminal used same modus-operandi. The team further shown the dossier of various criminals and photographs to complainant and Zeroed down to one criminal having lot of similarity with one Akash. The hard work paid rich dividend and the team succeeded in indentifying the criminals. The police team got a tip off from one informer that the criminal involved in this case would come to Rajpur Kurd to meet one of his associates. Acting on the tip off, a trap was strategically laid and police team finally succeeded in nabbing down 02 suspects who were later identified as Akash and Suraj. From the possession of accused Akash, one loaded pistol with 5 live cartridges of .32 bore in ready to fire position, Robbed 42 Thousand Rupees, Robbed Mobile phone (I phone 7) were recovered, whereas One Robbed M/cycle and along with One loaded Country made Pistol with 2 live cartilages of .315 bore were recovered from the possession of accused Suraj. During their sustained interrogation, they disclosed to have committed series of Car Jackings, Robberies involving Gold ornaments, Gold Chains and sensational Taimur Nagar murder case and Kotla Mubarak Pur murder case.
Later On, their associate Ajay Rathi @ Shanky was apprehended from the jungle of Rajpur Vill. who was also found in possession of one country made pistol of .315 bore. A case vide FIR No. 673/18 u/s 25/54/59 Arms Act PS Mehrauli, ND was registered and he was arrested. During the preliminary interrogation, accused Akash disclosed to have committed the sensational murder at Taimur Nagar along with associate Akash Tyagi @Akki & Ajay Rathi @ Shanky. They used the stolen Honda city Car in the said crime which they had later abandoned in the area of Keshav Puram, Prior to abandoning the car they have committed two sensational robberies in Pritampur area using Fire Arm & the car was stolen from the area of Lajpat Nagar.
After developing further information the police team led by SI Rakesh Sharma, ASI Jitender, CT Rahul arrested one of their associate Bunty Grover from Ahmadabad on 11.10.2018 and brought him to Delhi. He also disclosed that Akash had shot the cab driver after an altercation erupted between them.

On sustained interrogation, the accused persons disclosed that they belong to Rohit Chaudhary Gang and they were released from the Jail recently in the month of June 2018. They were in dire need of money and had planned to commit series of robberies including cash and Gold to meet their requirement of spending money lavishly on their extravagant life style by staying in various OYO Rooms/other guest houses and also to meet the demand for satiating their drug addiction. On 30.09.2018 accused persons Akash and Ajay Rathi @ shanky along with their another associate Akash Tyagi @ Akki had stolen one Honda city Car from the area of Jangpura and they reached at Taimoor Nagar to get the drug where they had picked up a fight with the local drug paddlers and in order to scare them away, they fired few rounds in air and started running from there. While escaping accused Akash fired one shot in the chest of one person who later died. This incident had caught wide media attention and the local residents also raised the issue through media. During further interrogation, they disclosed that they have committed the series of robberies after taking combo of intoxication viz., Liquor, Ganja and Smack. They further disclosed their involvement in murder of a Cab driver in the area of PS. K.M Pur on the intervening night of 8/9 September 2018. The murder was committed by Akash with his associate Akki and Bunty Grover. The car involved in the murder of PS K M Pur was having original Reg. No. DL-IC-F-7459, which was stolen from area of East of Kailash and case FIR No. 007181/2015 was registered at PS Amar Colony. Earlier, this car was recovered from the area of Noida and it had been handed over to complainant. This car was again stolen about 10-15 days prior to committing murder. They also disclosed committing various car jacking from the area of PS Nizamuddin, PS Shalimar Bagh, PS Janakpuri, PS Anand Vihar and PS Samypur Badli. During sustained interrogation of accused Akash and his other associates, it had come to notice that Akash became dare devil after taking combo of intoxications and used to fire indiscriminately at the victims without even thinking. He used to stay in various OYO rooms, Guest Houses in order to avoid their detection/apprehension by the police. He is hard core criminal and started committing crime since he was CCL. He had also attacked the police officer with pointed weapon (Sua). Accused Bunty Grover met Akash @ Akki in the observation home when both of them were CCL. Later on, after their release form the observation home, they started committing crimes together and joined the gang of Rohit Chaudhary in the year of 2015. During course of further investigation, the car used in the murder of PS. Kotla had been recovered from the area of Gazipur which was left abandoned there after committing murder.

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