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The staff of AATS/South-East District had attained a major success in tracing out a girl who was trafficked from Assam in 2012 by manpower touts. When she was only 16 years old she was further sold to agents in Delhi and was subjected to work as forced domestic help in Ludhiana & Delhi. In this regard, a case vide FIR No. 09/14, U/S 342/370/34 IPC, Date 10.01.2014, P.S New Friends Colony had been registered. Reward of Rs.50,000/- was also declared by the Worthy Commissioner of Police, Delhi to trace out the victim.

Brief Facts
• Year 2014 :
 Allured on the pretext of vacations in Delhi and subjected to work as domestic help
In January, 2014 one lady namely Smt. Sheela (name changed) r/o Assam approached NGO Bachpan Bachao Andolan in Delhi and reported that in the year 2012 her daughter Pooja (name changed) who was 16 years old in 2012, has been kidnapped from her native place in Assam by one local manpower supply agent Deepak S/o Jagannath and she was further sold to one Jacob Deep who was running a placement agency in the name of AA House Keeping and Office Staff providers at Taimur Nagar, Delhi. Her husband also came to Delhi in search of their daughter but he was also detained by the alleged traffickers at their office in Taimur Nagar.
 Joint effort of Police and Bachpan Bachao Andolan
On the said information a joint team of PS-New Friends Colony and NGO Bachpan Bachao Andolan was constituted and raid was conducted at the given address at Taimur Nagar. Sh. Mangal Munda ( father of victim) who was confined or held captive by accused person was rescued from the said premises but the victim girl was not found and on his statement, a case vide FIR No. 09/14, U/S 342/370/34 IPC, Date 10.01.2014, P.S New Friends Colony was registered against alleged Deepak and Jacob Deep for confinement and trafficking the daughter of the complainant. During the course of investigation accused Jacob Deep was arrested and Deepak was declared Proclaimed Offender (PO) and efforts were made to trace the victim but no clue was found.

Formation of S.I.T & Rs. 50,000 reward
Despite all out efforts, the trafficked girl was not traced and there was no clue of co accused Deepak in the present case. In the year 2015, a Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed by Joint CP, South-Eastern Range to trace the missing girl under the supervision of DCP, South-East District. Reward of Rs.50,000/- was also declared by the Worthy Commissioner of Police, Delhi to trace out or to give clue about the victim girl

Team and Investigation
In view of the gravity of the offence the further investigation of the case was transferred to AATS/South-East District to trace out the victim girl. A team led by Insp. Love Atrey Incharge/AATS comprising of SI Gyan Prakash, ASI Harvir, ASI Viju, ASI Bhagwat, ASI Roop Singh, HC Sanjay, CT. Arvind, CT. Vipin Kumar, Ct. Vinod, Ct. Dharmender and W/Ct. Sangeeta was constituted under the supervision of Sh. K.P. Singh, ACP/Operation.
 New strategy to trace out the girl
Despite relentless efforts no clue about the victim was found and in view thereof, strategy was re-structured to trace out the victim. The police team started from the very beginning and joined all possible links. Local sources were deployed and teams raided all the possible hide outs in different parts of the country at Ludhiana, Coimbatore, Assam & Delhi to get the clue about the missing girl. Secret sources were also deployed and accused Jacob Deep was examined again and again. A team was sent to native place of the victim in Assam and started gathering local intelligence regarding the missing girl.
 Recovery
After the painstaking efforts and various raids on the basis of the information gathered it revealed that the girl is at present living and working as domestic help in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. The said information was further developed and after concrete development, a raid was conducted at BQ Block, Shalimar Bagh and victim was successfully recovered by the police team.

Examination of the Victim
Victim girl was examined, who stated that now she is 22 years old and at present working as free-lancer domestic maid out of her own will. She was living at Jhuggi Cluster Shalimar Bagh. She further stated that in 2012, her neighbor Deepak induced her to go with him to Delhi for vacations. She along with Deepak came to Delhi, where he introduced her to Jacob Deep, who runs a placement agency. From Delhi, she was taken to Ludhiana in Punjab and was deployed as domestic help. There in Ludhiana she worked for 02 years and her salary was taken by Deepak.
 Again forced to work; if wanted to return to her village
In Dec 2013, Deepak and Jacob came to Ludhiana and took her back to Delhi, where she met her father Mangal Munda in the office of Jacob Deep in Tamoor Nagar. Both father and daughter wanted to go to their village but Deepak refused to give any money to them and said that if they want to go home, then she will have to work in a house in Udai Park for 20 days, to which she agreed. Even after 30 days when Deepak did not turned up to take her back from Udai Park, she ran away from there, meanwhile her father was being kept captive by Deepak and Jacob Deep in their office in Tamoor Nagar.
 Ran Away
In the mean-time, mother of victim somehow approached to N.G.O Bachpan Bachao Andolan, and a raid was conducted at their office in Tamoor Nagar and Mangle Munda was rescued. However, as the victim ran away from Udai Park, she could not be traced. From Udai Park, she came in contact with another maid and on the request of victim another maid , she got her a domestic help job in Patel Nagar. In Patel Nagar she worked for 01 year and after 02-04 frequent job changes she settled down in Shalimar Bagh, where she was working as a part time domestic help from last 02 years.
She was produced before the Hon’ble Court and her statement was recorded by the Magistrate U/S 164 Cr.P.C. Victim stated that at present she is working at her own will. Her parents have been informed and victim is living at her house.
Further, efforts are being made to arrest the absconding accused Deepak.

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