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Two key members of international FICN cartel arrested by Delhi Police

Two key members of international FICN cartel arrested by Delhi Police

Team of Special Cell/Northern Range led by Inspr. Vivekanand Pathak and Insp. Kuldeep Singh under the supervision of Sh. Manoj Dixit, ACP has arrested two key members of an international FICN racket namely Gautam Mandal (age-25 years) r/o Distt. Malda, West Bengal and Shiksha (aged-32years) r/o Panipat, Haryana. High quality FICN amounting to Rs. 04 lacs, all in the denomination of Rs 2,000/-, were recovered from the arrested duo. The recovered FICN is printed in a sophisticated printing unit and are having several of the security features. It is known for some time that Bangladesh based elements are pumping FICN in India through the porous Indo-Bangla border. This is being done to cripple the economy of the country. Malda has become the epicenter of illegal FICN rackets because of its strategic location along the international border.
Insp. Vivekanand Pathak and Insp. Kuldeep Singh of Special Cell/NR had secret and specific information for about 04 months regarding attempts to revive circulation of FICN by the members of an International syndicate in India. Accordingly, a dedicated team was deputed to develop this information. Manual as well as technical surveillance was mounted upon the movements of suspected members of this syndicate. During surveillance, it was revealed that FICN is being pumped in India through Indo-Bangla border. Circulation of Fake currency is a sort of proxy war against the economy of a country. Pre-demonetization, circulation of high quality FICN was at its peak. Demonetization has broken the backbone of such rackets which were involved in circulation of FICN. Now, once again such syndicates have started their nefarious activities. Painstaking efforts of more than four months bore fruit as few members of this syndicate were identified.
Finally, on 31/07/2019, a specific information was received that a key member of this syndicate namely Gautam Mandal would come near Haiderpur Badli Mor Metro Station, Delhi, to deliver big consignment of FICN to one of his contacts namely Shiksha, resident of Panipat, Haryana. A raiding party was immediately formed and a trap was laid near Haiderpur Badli Mor Metro Station, Delhi, where accused Shiksha arrived at about 08:35 AM and started waiting there. After about 10 minutes, accused Gautam Mandal also arrived there and met with Shiksha. Immediately, both of them were apprehended and searched. High quality FICN, all in the denomination of Rs. 2000, amounting to Rs. 04 lac was recovered from their possession at the spot. Rs. 2.5 Lac of FICN was recovered from Shiksha while Rs. 1.5 Lac was recovered from Gautam Mandal.

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