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Continuing its efforts to keep the personnel safe from covid and fit to serve the society at a time of crisis, Delhi Police today held its 5th Wellness Webinar on “Awareness,Prevention And Coping Strategies For Covid-19″ wherein the CP, Delhi S N Shrivastava interacted with Police personnel and their family members.

The webinar was participated by Dr. Vivek Gupta, Senior Cardiologist, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi and Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Senior Consultant (Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist & De-Addiction Specialist) Max Hospital, Delhi.

S N Shrivastava, CP Delhi interacted with the personnel who are infected and recovering from Covid-19. The staff shared their experience as to how they are managing their treatment. They are home quarantined and taking regular medical advice and prescribed medicine, they said.One of them availed facilities of Covid Care Centre Shahdara for isolation and later got shifted to home after recovery. They regularly received calls from Delhi Police welfare helpline and supervisory officers about their well being and need of any medical assistance. Positive attitude has helped a lot in fast recovery, said Ct Bharat Kumar.

CP Delhi wished that each police personnel and their family members stay safe, healthy and happy. A Covid Cell has been set up in all districts and units with objective to regularly enquire about the well being of the infected staff under the supervision of senior officers. Educative material through bulk SMSs is also shared to keep the staff informed. S N Shrivastava reiterated that wearing double mask, maintaining social distancing, washing of hands and use of sanitiser must be followed to reduce the possibility of infection. Face shield should be used as and when go for field duty.

CP Delhi exhorted all the personnel to get vaccinated, unless doctor advised otherwise, as it has been observed to be efficacious in fighting against the Covid-19. He asked police personnel to stay away from socializing in this current situation. A disciplined life following Covid appropriatebehavior in letter and spirit can potentially safeguard us from this deadly infection.

CP Delhi reiterated that it is constant endevour to improvemedical facilities at Covid Care Centres set up for Delhi Police personnel and arranging medicines. Efforts are also been made to arrange vaccination facilities at Wellness Centres in police residential colonies for the families of police personnel.

The panelist doctor Vivek Gupta, eminent international cardiologist, Apollo Hospital stressed upon that the virulence and intensity ofthe current virus is different from the previous one. It is more contagious,virulent causing more death and affecting more young persons. All we need to bemore self-disciplined in following the covid proper behavior to guard off the deadly virus. He emphasized wearing of double mask and its proper handling.Immediate isolation for those having symptoms of covid positive with medicineat the advice of doctors was emphasized. The coughing, sneezing, unwell being coupled with fever should not be ignored at any cost as it could prove fatal.The infected personnel should take proper diet, remain hydrated, and doyoga/physical exercise. It is a trying time and we should go through it with a disciplined life.

The panelist doctor Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Senior Consultant(Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist & De-Addiction Specialist) Max Hospital,Delhi focused on keeping positive thought which play a vital role in our health. Unnecessary panic should be avoided as it causes stress which ultimately weakens immunity. The advised to take adequate sleep, do daily exercise and practice meditation on daily basis for a strong immunity and mentally fitness, have self confidence and strong will power being a police personnel.

Nuzhat Hasan, Spl. CP/Women Safety, SPUWAC & SPUNER and Devesh Chandra Shrivastava, Spl. CP/EOW organized the webinar. There was an overwhelming participation of over 700 police personnel and family members in the webinar.

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